Canton Debuts Improved LE 100 Speakers

While the new LE 100 Series speakers look similar to earlier LE models, the line has been given a significant performance boost thanks to refinements to the tweeters, midrange drivers, woofers, and crossover networks, and with some subtle, but important changes to the baffle and enclosure design.

The Canton LE 100 Series consists of six models: the LE 190 and LE 170 full-range tower speakers; LE 150 CM center channel speaker; LE 130 and LE 120 compact two-way speakers; and LE 110 on-wall speakers.

Each of the LE 100 models incorporates a newly refined version of the company’s silk dome tweeter, which has a completely redesigned geometry employing a finer silk material for improved distortion characteristics and bandwidth. The tweeter mounting plate was also redesigned with a slightly flared profile that provides a smoother frequency response, greater bandwidth, and a 3 dB increase in tweeter efficiency across the operating range.

Canton LE 100

Bass and midrange drivers across the line feature sophisticated polypropylene cones, injected rubber surrounds, and redesigned motor structures. The 6- and 7-inch drivers used as woofers in the two-way systems, and as midranges in the LE 170 and 190, feature unique concave dustcaps made of the same material as the cones themselves to provide multiple resonance paths and improved dispersion characteristics. The 8-inch versions used as woofers in the LE 190 employ a more conventional dome dustcap for increased linear excursion and power handling and efficiency.

Each of the speakers’ front baffles have been also been redesigned, incorporating a gentle convex curve across the face, with stylish chamfering above and below the bass and midrange drivers. These improvements not only enhance the appearance of the series, they serve to dramatically reduce deleterious edge effects. This change also adds significant mass to the baffle helping to reduce cabinet resonances.

All of the LE 100 models are currently available in the line’s signature bicolor finishes: Beech cabinet with a silver lacquer front baffle, or cherry cabinet with a graphite front panel. Each model is also available in single-color black ash, or silver lacquer finishes.

The LE 190 floorstanding speaker is the largest model in the series. It features a three-way bass reflex design, employing a pair of 8-inch woofers, a single 7-inch midrange, and 1-inch fabric dome tweeter. It has a suggested retail price of $1199 per pair.

The LE 170 floorstander employs a sophisticated 2-1/2 way design that uses a pair of 7-inch cones for deep bass reproduction, but routes midrange frequencies to only the top cone to provide improved off-axis dispersion. It has a suggested retail price of $899 per pair.

The magnetically shielded LE 150 CM can be used as either a horizontal center channel, or for front or rear channels in a home theater. It features two 6-inch polypropylene woofers flanking a single tweeter, and has a suggested retail price of $449 each.

The two-way LE 130 employs a 7-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter in a front-ported cabinet suitable for mounting on a shelf, or on the optional LS 600 stand. It has a suggested retail price of $599 per pair.

The two-way LE 120 compact speaker features a 6-inch woofer and rear port, and can also be mounted on a shelf or on the LS 600 stand. It has a suggested retail price of $449 per pair.

The LE 110 loudspeaker features the same driver complement as the LE 120, but in a sealed box cabinet that is a mere 3.6-inches deep, making it ideal for on-wall mounting. It has a suggested retail price of $449 per pair.

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