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The ChargeAll portable power supply could make you king of the airport [Update: Funded]

chargeall portable power supply make king airport

We’ve all seen it. The guy crouching by the garbage can in the airport, his laptop precariously balanced between his knees. That man has lost the most crucial of elements in our modern world: power. But what if there were a way to bring an outlet with you anywhere you go? That brilliantly simple idea is the driving force behind the ChargeAll portable power outlet, which recently began its campaign on Indiegogo.

Updated on 7/09/2014: The ChargeAll has been fully funded, and is now reaching towards tripling its original funding goal. According to ChargeAll reps, the device reached its current funding, which is just shy of the $80,000 line, in the first 10 days of the campaign, and it still has 21 days left to go. The company has also added a light up LED green sync and charger cable to the campaign for an extra dollar.   

Claiming to be the “world’s smallest portable power outlet,” the ChargeAll is a lightweight lithium ion battery that boasts both a USB and traditional power outlet to power virtually any device in your mobile arsenal – and anything else you’ve got that requires 85 watts of juice, or less. The device is currently available for pledges in two versions, the smaller Portable at 6 x 1 x 4 inches, and the slightly larger Power, at 7.25 x 1 x 5.25 inches. Though no weight measurements are disclosed, the unit looks pretty easy to take along for the ride at both sizes.

The Portable offers 1200 mAh of power, which the company claims translates to around seven charges for a smartphone, and two full charges for a Macbook or similar laptop twice. Additionally the ChargeAll claims the Portable can run a desktop fan for 15 hours, a small TV for about four hours, and the same period for a curling iron – for all those on-the-go curling disasters that arise. The Power ChargeAll offers 1800 mAh, which means you can add another 50 percent of charging time to those specs.

While the ChargeAll’s page has a decidedly infomercial vibe, professionals and consumers alike who need power on the go likely need little more incentive to get on board. If you’re anything like us, you’re already running a host of scenarios in your head in which this device could have saved your proverbial bacon. And beyond its talents as a backup, the ChargeAll could also be pretty fun to have along when you’re camping or otherwise off the grid.

Charging time or specs for how long the ChargeAll will hold its, well, charge aren’t disclosed on the crowdfunding page. However, the company does claim that both models of the device are already fully functional.

Pledgers who want to get in on the ground floor can do so now as a Super Early Contributor  for $99 plus shipping for the Portable ($50 off suggested MSRP), and $139 plus shipping for the Power ($40 off MSRP).

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