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Coloud relaunches, looking to make a big splash with its newest headphones

Coloud may not exactly be a household name, but the brand is in good company — its parent company Zound Industries happens to also own both the Urbanears and Marshall Headphones brands. Now Coloud is looking to break away on its own by relaunching its brand and introducing a new line of products to kick things off.

Unlike previous Coloud models, the new line shares a similar naming scheme — the No. 16, No. 8, and No. 4. The first two are on-ear headphones, with the last being of the in-ear variety. While features vary across different models, each is designed to be both lightweight and durable in order to keep up with active lifestyles.

Even the top-of-the-line No. 16 on-ears won’t break the bank, selling for $40. This model offers an included mic and remote as well as a collapsible head band for easy portability, something which isn’t often featured at this price point. The No. 8 on-ears feature many of the same elements seen in the No. 16, while dropping the collapsible build in favor of a cheaper $30 price tag.

For those among us who prefer less bulk, the No. 4 not only provide more mobility, but also happen to be the least expensive of the new line at $20. Given the price point, there are some features present that we normally wouldn’t expect to see, like an included carrying pouch and built-in magnets allowing the enclosures to snap securely in place around the listener’s neck.

While Coloud is making a big deal out of the relaunch and new line, it’s important to note that its older models will remain for sale, including the Hoop earbuds, which was introduced earlier this year. They might not have been the best earbuds we’ve heard, but the semi-custom fit was certainly interesting.

To show off the new headphones as well as its The Hoop model, Coloud has created a one-minute short film. “These headphones are built for constant everyday use,” Coloud brand manager Sofia Hjelm said in a related statement. “And this is what the film seeks to capture through the lives of young people across the world — always on the go, always connected, and always exploring.”

For more information or to purchase one of the new sets of headphones, see the Coloud website.

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