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Take your music into the rapids with Drytunes

Are you one of the frog people? Someone who gravitates towards rippling shores like a magnet, whether its swimming, kayaking, boating, or snorkeling? If this sounds all too familiar, and you also love to take your tunes along for the ride, you may want to check out a new speaker called Drytunes, a suitcase of sound that just might be the most secure waterproof speaker on the planet.

Much like the dry suits used by the undeterred hellions who face rushing mountain waters that should still be frozen, Drytunes speakers are crafted around a ridiculous level of watertight security to keep the interior safe and sound. The exterior case offers an IP-67 protection rating against water, shock and dust, which basically makes it everything proof. It can even be submersed in up to 3 feet of water.

The speaker drivers themselves are folded inside the case, designed to play through the lid when closed. And perhaps most distinguishing, the case is designed to harbor your other gear inside as well. Just stuff whatever odds and ends you might need for your journey inside the case, strap the Drytunes to your rig, and set out on your adventure. Those odds and ends include your source device (a smartphone or tablet), along with anything else you might want to bring on your adventures like, say, a bottle of wine.

Control of the music is accomplished with a unique magnetic stylus system, which is used to tap the buttons on the side. While it’s a little inconvenient that you can’t control the buttons without the stylus, the unit ships with two which can be chained to the exterior. We’re hoping it stays secure in its little station through the waves and bumps of your aquatic adventures, but if you lose both, you can purchase another two-pack from Drytunes for $7.

Other features for the speaker include a rechargeable battery with a claimed 16 hours of playback time, an Aux input for plugging in directly, and a customizable foam interior with 400 cubic inches of space to store your gear so you can securely bring a long a cornucopia of odds and ends.

The Drytunes speakers are available in black, green, or yellow right now from the Drytunes website at a hefty price of $400. We’re not sure if the sound stands up to that princely price tag, but if you’re the type whose towels never fully dry out, it just might be worth the investment. You can find out more about the Drytunes speakers here.

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