Energy Introduces New Act Sub

The act sub features technological breakthroughs found in its larger siblings while providing a compact alternative.

The act sub is constructed out of a 3/4” MDF enclosure, which is designed to be extremely rigid and free of resonances. The cabinet is built using Energy’s double v-groove design, creating taperededges that are very strong, while the dovetail cabinet design increases the overall cabinet rigidity.

The act sub features Energy’s patented Ribbed Elliptical Surround, a technology that eliminates all of the surround distortion found in a half-roll design (typically 14%), increases excursion andmaximizes piston area, thereby increasing the subwoofers’ efficiency. The computer designed ribs expand and contract as the surround moves, especially under high output, to eliminate any surrounddeformation that would occur with a traditional surround. The Ribbed Elliptical Surround is mated to Energy’s exclusive ceramic/glass/mica deposit hybrid cone, which is extremely stiff, lightweightand resonance free. The front ported, down-firing design allows the speaker to use the floor as a loading surface, increasing output. The combination of cone material and surround design creates anincredibly potent subwoofer, performing at levels only once achieved by large and expensive subwoofers.

The act sub offers low and high level inputs, as well as level control and infinitely adjustable crossover controls. The act sub is available in a shadow silver finish, and is currentlyshipping.