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PSB’s new SubSeries BP8 subwoofer pushes 500 watts of pure rumble

The PSB BP8 powered subwoofer agains the side of a couch from a wider angle.

Today, Canadian premium speaker manufacturers PSB announced its next generation of subwoofers, the SubSeries BP8 Powered Subwoofer, a compact but powerful 500-watt speaker with dual opposing drivers and acoustic neutrality that PSB says virtually eliminates unwanted noise. The $1,499 sub will be available in March.

The announcement comes ahead of Barcelona’s big AV conference, Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), next week, where PSB will be showing off the BP8, which marks the first in a new line of subwoofers for the company and will go toe-to-toe with its current flagship SubSeries 450 and 350 woofers.

The PSB SubSeries PB8 in a living room and a surround sound system.

Built with both home theater and music customers in mind, the BP8 features two 8-inch woven carbon fiber drivers inspired by the design of PSB’s flagship Synchrony and Passif 50 tower speakers. Set on opposing sides of the cabinet, PSB says that the dual drivers’ bipolar configuration allows for “an immersive bass experience in all placements,” which, if you’ve ever tried positioning a subwoofer in a room, could mean fewer headaches during setup.

Powered by a 500-watt nCore HybridDigital amplifier (similar tech can be found in the high-end amps from its sister company, NAD), PSP promises refined, powerful, performance bass from the BP8 that it says can be faithfully reproduced down to 20Hz. The cabinet of the PB8 is also designed to be acoustically neutral, and the addition of sound-isolating feet from award-winning Canadian company isoAcoustics help to “decouple and silence” the woofer from the ground to further reduce vibrations.

The PSB SubSeries subwoofer in white.

Upping the appeal factor of the SubSeries PB8 is its clean looks (available in simple Satin Black and White finishes) and compact 13 by 13 by 14-inch footprint, making it easy to pair with existing speakers you might have, and it won’t stick out like a sore thumb in your space.

The PSB SubSeries BP8 subwoofer will be available in March at PSB’s website and other retailers and will retail for $1,499.

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