93 million miles of wireless: Eton Introduces its Rugged Rukus and Rukus XL Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speakers

eton rugged rukus xl rukusxl front1Check out our full reviews of the Eton Rugged Rukus and Eton Rukus XL bluetooth speakers.

Eco-conscious outfit Eton showed off two new additions to its portable speaker lineup at CES 2013 earlier this month, both of which are low-impact environmentally, and high-impact aesthetically.

Powered by that ultimate natural power source – AKA, the sun- the Rugged Rukus and Rukus XL each feature solar paneling which allows them to blare forth without the aid of any wires. What’s more, both units offer USB charging, allowing you to power-up your smartphone, tablet, or computer while listening.

The Rugged Rukus is the more portable of the pair. Bluetooth-enabled, lightweight, and splash-proof, the versatile speaker plays via an internal lithium battery, which recharges via sunlight or an included AC adapter. The unit also sports two full-range speaker drivers.

eton rugged rukus xl etonruggedrukus

The Rukus XL, on the other hand (pictured above), is a rather beastly speaker dock. It features a robust compliment of drivers, including two tweeters, two woofers, and four passive radiators. The Bluetooth-enabled device also sports a built-in storage space for mobile devices, a carrying handle, and a 72-square-inch array of solar panels.

The Rugged Rukus seems appropriately priced, but the Rukus XL talks a big game for a $200 speaker. Either this is one of the better bang-for-your-buck deals out there, or there’s a catch. In the limited time we got with the devices at CES 2013, it seemed to be the former, but we’re holding out for our full review to pass final judgement.

The Rugged Rukus will be available Q1 2013 for $100, while the Rukus XL will drop in Q2 2013, retailing for $200.

Check out our review of the Rukus Solar to see how we’ve felt about Eton’s speaker offerings in the past.