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Focal adds a splash of color to its latest Kanta speaker offerings

French speaker manufacturer Focal has long been at the forefront of gorgeous and incredible-sounding audio design, and is stepping even further in that mission today with the announcement of three new hi-fi speakers.

The new speakers are part of the company’s Kanta line, and include a new bookshelf, tower, and center speakers. As with most of Focal’s high-end models, they are available in a series of absolutely stunning colors, including glossy blue, black, yellow, white, and walnut wood grain, among others.

The Kanta No1 speakers are the smallest of the new additions, bookshelf models that are designed for rooms that are under 269 square feet. They come with foam pieces that can be slid into bass ports if they are to be placed near walls or in very small spaces, depending on how much bass response listeners desire.

The new floor-standing speakers are called the Kanta No3, and are designed for spaces up to 861 square feet. They are designed to offer an extremely neutral midrange and clinical high-end, reproducing even the tiniest nuances of your favorite music.

The Kanta Center fills out the additions to the lineup, offering listeners with home theater systems the perfect speaker to hear dialogue and other center-image sounds. They are designed to reproduce the human vocal range with perfect clarity at both low and high volumes, making them a compelling addition to any home theater listening system.

All three new Kanta speakers feature special technology developed by the accomplished speaker manufacturer. Each Kanta model has the company’s exclusive woven Flax speaker cones, which provide excellent mid- and low-range performance. On the high end, they also feature the company’s inverted beryllium dome tweeter, a rigid material that provides astonishing high-end clarity when reproducing upper-range frequencies like those from strings, acoustic guitar, and other instruments.

It’s worth noting that the previously available Kanta speakers (the Kanta No2 floor-standers that came out in 2017) are also still worth consideration, as is the Flax-coned Sub 1000 F subwoofer that the company recommends pairing with any Kanta speakers.

The new Kanta models will be available for purchase this month. Interested in purchasing a set? We recommend you check out Focal’s website for more information.

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