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Google upgrades Fiber TV with smart search, new look, RT ratings

Fiber TV box
Definitely one of the most significant upgrades in the last four years, Google has completely overhauled the user interface for Fiber TV. That television service is offered as an option for anyone switching to Google Fiber for Internet service. As detailed on the official Google Fiber blog, the upgraded user interface has reorganized DVR recordings with box art and movie posters in addition to offering more filtering options for browsing recorded content.

Similar to TiVo and other cable competitors, Fiber TV will now offer recommendations of shows to watch or record based on your current viewing habits. For instance, if you watch new episodes of South Park each week, the service may recommend other popular animated shows like Family Guy or Rick & Morty. Google has also started to include Rotten Tomatoes ratings on listings, ideal if you are searching for critically acclaimed content.


The Smart Search function has also been upgraded in the software update. Using the search function, subscribers can peruse the live TV, DVR and On Demand sections for video content by title or keyword. Users can also search for their favorite actor to see a list of available television shows and movies. The function works with sports teams as well, ideal for recording upcoming games during the season.

The new user interface will be rolling out to existing Fiber TV customers over the next few weeks. If you are receiving a new Fiber TV installation, the software should already be updated on your new hardware. Prior to the launch of this software update, Google added the ability to use Google Cast to send video content from your mobile device to your Fiber TV set-top box. Integrated with apps like Netflix and HBO GO, users can stream video and audio content easily without having to switch to a Chromecast on another HDMI port.

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