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This is the future: LAVA ME 3 Smart Guitar incorporates every tool you need

LAVA MUSIC smart instruments on display

This content was produced in partnership with LAVA ME 3.

As a musical instrument company, LAVA MUSIC has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation in the world of guitars. With a strong commitment to revolutionizing the way we play and experience music, LAVA MUSIC’s latest offering, the LAVA ME 3 smart acoustic-electric guitar, showcases its dedication to both cutting-edge technology and exceptional design.

What if your acoustic guitar not only had built-in sound effects, and an auto-tuning tool but also a bevy of options that elevated your playing experience, regardless of skill level? For example, what if that guitar had a built-in trainer that taught you how to play, or play better, with real-time feedback? Or, what if the guitar automatically synced your play sessions to the cloud, freeing you from cords and electronic restraints? What if you could play multi-track music on a single guitar? You can do all of those things, and more, with the LAVA ME 3 smart acoustic-electric guitar, an innovative instrument that takes everything you know about the acoustic guitar and acoustic sound and elevates it.

The LAVA ME 3 is a fully-playable guitar, like any other, with smart features built-in, including a 3.5-inch touchscreen that seamlessly puts you in control of the entire system. Freeboost 2.0 is what elevates the acoustic sound, combined with the HILAVA OS, so you can auto-tune, activate sound modes or effects, or access the onboard training support. Moreover, with a tuner, metronome, and recorder, you can break out the guitar and start jamming anywhere, and with virtually anyone. You don’t have to carry all of that additional equipment with you anymore, either. You’ll get up to two weeks of battery life in standby, or up to nine hours of playback on a single charge from the 8,000mAh battery, which can be charged via USB-C or a custom Space Charging dock. The dock is also a great place to set your guitar down when you’re all done playing. Let’s take a closer look at what makes the LAVA ME 3 so different from traditional acoustic sound.

Tap Into the Future

Tap into the future with FreeBoost 2.0

LAVA ME 3 | A whole new world for music creation | LAVA MUSIC

If it’s described as revolutionary or technology-changing, it better be doing something impactful and making some major changes, right? The LAVA ME 3 is powered by the groundbreaking FreeBoost 2.0 technology, which enhances the acoustic sound by offering an array of impressive sound modes and effects. You don’t need additional equipment to take advantage of them either, like a foot pedal. Instead, everything is incorporated into the guitar, and more importantly, its onboard software.

At the heart of the guitar’s smart features is the HILAVA OS, a user-friendly operating system designed to make the most of the instrument’s capabilities. It’s the combination of these advanced technologies that set the LAVA ME 3 apart from traditional acoustic guitars.

Everything you need, all packed into one acoustic-electric Bndy

If you’re a musician, or even if you’re training to be one, then you know how much equipment you need to have to play your average acoustic-electric guitar. From effects pedals to loopers, and other tools — like a portable tuner — you’re likely carrying most of them with you when you travel. However, you won’t have to anymore if you snag a LAVA ME 3. It incorporates nearly everything you need, all into one acoustic-electric guitar body. All of those tools are featured as independent apps in the HILAVA OS, accessible via the 3.5-inch touchscreen built right into the guitar. That means beginners and experienced professionals alike benefit from the all-in-one solution that empowers play, creativity, and music sharing. You can pick up and play anywhere, whether it’s for recreation or a paid gig, and having all of the necessary tools incorporated right into one unit takes portability and convenience to a whole new level.

Beginners will benefit from the Practice app, which not only helps you learn important chords, and how to play but also provides valuable feedback to improve your play, almost like you’re playing a game. You’ll get a score at the end of each session so you can better gauge how much you’re improving. What’s more, it’s fun to interact with, for all skill levels, not just the novices.

Advanced functions like the sound effects or loops — both available through respective and separate apps — can improve your play and creativity, so whether you’re playing a live gig, or trying to create a unique tune, you can tap into those apps for added support and you don’t need any extra equipment.

Let’s Talk About the Guitar

Lava ME 3 Golden Hour with backdrop

Beyond innovation, LAVA MUSIC’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly materials is evident from the ME 3’s carbon fiber-built body and construction. Not only is this material more environmentally friendly than traditional wood-based alternatives, but it also contributes to the guitar’s lightweight, travel-friendly design.

A new, and unique, honeycomb structure inside the unit offers 20% deeper bass, and 30% longer sustainability than your average design. The AirSonic 2 materials used to build the system are 30% more shock resistant than the last generation, and take the acoustic sound quality to the next level, when compared to older models.

Key features include the built-in 3.5-inch touchscreen, the HILAVA OS for onboard interactivity, WiFi and Bluetooth, cross-device syncing, cloud connectivity, and much more. All of the apps, or tools rather, are built into the guitar, again, so you can use it anywhere even without a mobile connection. The mobile app support is optional, and not required.

What are the apps on the LAVA ME 3?

LAVA ME 3 touchscreen up close and on.

Founded for all skill levels, beginner to professional, the tools enhance the entire play experience, boosting both creativity and music sharing wherever you take the LAVA ME 3. Here are the onboard apps you can utilize:

  • Effects App: Allows you to utilize built-in sound effects, powered by FreeBoost 2.0 and available to customize to your preferences.
  • Loops App: Contains a library of usable and built-in grooves, spanning several music genres, with full support for overdubbing up to three tracks at a time.
  • Practice App: With five practice modes, get the training help you need to start playing, pick it back up, or improve your play style. You’ll also get real-time feedback and detailed reports after every practice session.
  • Tuner App: No more tuning solo. This app tunes your guitar faster and more accurately, with options for alternate tuning to boot.
  • Tempo App: Start a metronome for keeping a rhythm, with BPM options, including scrolling or tap-tempo, and up to four different click sounds.
  • Record App: Record your play in crystal-clear quality with full editing support.
Musician playing LAVA ME 3 with app open

You can also use the LAVA + App on your mobile device to explore, share, and connect with other guitar owners. The LAVA MUSIC community is engaged, creative, and always willing to help inspire the next musician that joins. You can sync projects to the app to share with other music creators, and also explore what’s available, maybe to feed your muse and boost some of your own creative endeavors.

Choose your style, start playing tunes now

LAVA ME 3 | Now in Golden Hour | LAVA MUSIC

Available in a variety of colors, including Space Gray, Red, Blue, White, and a few others, there are a lot of options so you can customize your style. It’s also available in a brand new Golden Hour color, adorned in a vibrant yellow with black accents. They all look fantastic, but more importantly, the LAVA ME 3 sounds phenomenal. It will elevate your playback not just through the sound itself, but also through the functionality and features provided.

With a tuner, metronome, and trainer built-in, beginners to professionals can reduce the amount of equipment they need to lug with them or set up. The system also has WiFi and Bluetooth, with cloud syncing for recorded sessions, so you don’t need to plug it into an expensive laptop or other sound equipment to get your own tunes ready to share. It has virtually everything you need. Starting at $949, it’s a great price too, especially when you factor in the costs of the additional equipment you don’t have to buy, or that you can sell if you already own.

Experience the revolution: LAVA ME 3

The LAVA ME 3 smart acoustic-electric guitar is a testament to LAVA MUSIC’s bold innovation in the world of music. The smart functionality makes the guitar-playing experience more enjoyable and accessible to all skill levels. Even if you’ve never touched a guitar before you can pick up and play, but those adept at the instrument have just as much to gain. LAVA MUSIC has created an instrument that caters to both beginners and seasoned professionals alike. It’s time to embrace the future of guitar playing and let the LAVA ME 3 be your guide on this exciting journey.

What are you waiting for? Tap into the future with a LAVA ME 3, right now.

Tap Into the Future

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