LG’s 2014 4K/UHD LED TV lineup ranges from $1,000 to $100,000

As you may have noticed from our recent IFA 2014 coverage in Berlin, LG has been very busy lately. Today at the CEDIA 2014 Expo in Denver, the company announced that is has recently more than doubled the number of 4K/UHD TVs it will offer in the US market, unveiling new pricing on everything from its $1,000 40-inch UB8000 series, to its made-to-order 105-inch cinema scope monster, the 105UC9, which comes in at a rubber-necking price of $100,000.

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In all, LG has released pricing and availability on 7 different LED UHD TV series incorporating 14 models, which includes five entry-level sets to appeal to the budget conscious. We’ve seen a few of these TVs before, but pricing has been dropped on nearly everything in the LG UHD family. And while we recommend buying a 4K/UHD TV sized at least 55-inches or larger to best take advantage of the boosted resolution, the technology is starting to become enticingly affordable for the average user.

All of the LED TVs have the latest 4K connection options, including HDMI 2.0 for delivering content at up to 60 fps (frames per second), as well as HEVC (H.265) decoding to allow users to stream 4K content from online sources like Netflix and, soon, Amazon Prime Instant.

Below is the full cast of characters, with pricing. Release dates are scattered throughout “Q4” of 2014:

UC9 Series
105-inch class Model 105UC9 — $100,000

UB9800 Series
98-inch class Model 98UB9800 — $40,000
84-inch class Model 84UB9800 — $10,000
79-inch class Model 79UB9800 — $8,000
65-inch class Model 65UB9800 — $5,000

UB9500 Series
65-inch class Model 65UB9500 — $3,5000
55-inch class Model 55UB9500 — $2,500

65-inch class Model 65UB9200 — $3,000

UB8500 Series
55-inch class Model 55UB8500 — $2,000
49-inch class Model 49UB8500 — $1,500

UB8200 Series
60-inch class Model 60UB8200 — $2,500
55-inch class Model 55UB8200 — $1,800
49-inch class Model 49UB8200 — $1,350

UB8000 Series
40-inch class Model 40UB8000 — $1,000

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In addition, LG has touted some specifics about its two new 4K/UHD giants that will be displayed on the CEDIA showroom floor, and will no doubt end up in some Persian Prince’s game room soon.

105UC9 Series

The UC9 is an absolute beast of a screen, boasting a subtly curved 21:9 cinematic aspect ratio panel that offers 11 million pixels and 5120 x 2160 resolution. The cinematic form is designed to eliminate the “black bars” seen above and below film content in certain aspect ratios — of course, the trade-off for a screen this shape is that the standard 16:9 content most of us watch on a daily basis will be displayed with black bars on the left and right side . Other features for the uber TV include direct LED backlighting with LG’s best local dimming, IPS panel technology for better off-angle viewing, LG’s extremely intuitive webOS smartTV platform, and a 7.2-channel 150 watt Harman Kardon speaker system.


At $40K, the 98-inch UB9800 is a slghtly more “affordable” version of ridiculously humungous 4K/UHD TVs. To give an idea of its scale, the 16:9 TV is over 8 feet long diagonally. The TV boasts many similar interior features as the UC9 above, but trades the sound system for a 5.2 channel 120 watt H/K system. The TV also comes in 65, 79, and 84-inch sizes, with prices listed above, coming in November.

All of LG’s new 4K/UHD LED displays will be available by Q4 of this year, with many models available to take home today.

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