IFA 2018 Complete Coverage

CES may be the largest consumer electronics show in the U.S., but IFA owns bragging rights as the largest CE show outside the states. In 2018, the show runs Aug. 31 to Sept. 5, and because of its timing (just in time for buyers to place Christmas orders), IFA frequently plays host to several first-time product unveilings, many of which will simply be repeated at CES in the U.S. As such, IFA is increasingly becoming the must-see consumer electronics event of the year — and the Digital Trends team is on the ground to bring you complete coverage of all the news and hot announcements.

Recent Stories

Huawei’s new software and chip combo is designed to make the Mate 20 fly

Huawei has announced EMUI 9.0, a new version of its software based on Google's Android 9.0 Pie, that will come installed on the new Mate 20 smartphone. We took a deeper look at what makes it special.

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro's body may wirelessly charge new Bluetooth headphones

Huawei is no stranger when it comes to big phones. And this year it plans to go even bigger with the Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro. Here's what we think we know about the new range.
Home Theater

Dolby turns Lenovo laptops and Yoga Books into mobile home theaters

Dolby has partnered with Lenovo to integrate Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision in the computer company's laptop and Yoga Books, enhancing the movie and TV watching experience in meaningful way.
Smart Home

Netgear’s Alexa-enabled Orbi Voice Mesh Wi-Fi speaker blankets your home in Wi-Fi and sound

Netgear's Orbi Voice Smart Speaker and Wi-Fi Mesh Satellite is a multifunction device for smart homes that extends Wi-Fi networks, adds an Alexa-enabled voice assistant, and uses Harman Kardon audio for high-quality music streaming.
Home Theater

Yamaha’s Wi-Fi-enabled turntable lets you stream vinyl anywhere at home

Yamaha has launched the MusicCast Vinyl 500 turntable, a Wi-Fi enabled deck that allows you to spin your vinyl in one room and wirelessly stream the audio to any MusicCast speaker.

Xperia XZ3 vs. XZ2 Premium vs. XZ2 vs. XZ2 Compact: Smartphone battle royale

With the Xperia range's first ever OLED display, the beautiful Xperia XZ3 is a sight to behold. But is it better than the XZ2 range? To find out, we put the XZ3 head-to-head with the XZ2 Premium, XZ2, and XZ2 Compact.
Smart Home

Temi is your personal robot butler, like an Amazon Echo Show on wheels

If you’ve been dreaming of a domestic robot or a smart speaker that can follow you around the house, then Temi could be just what you're looking for. We went hands-on with the personal robot at IFA 2018 in Berlin.

Belkin’s special machine puts an end to one hateful aspect of phone ownership

No-one wants to fit a screen protector to their phone, as it's always a pain. Belkin wants to make it much easier to do this with a special machine, and we tried it to see if it can cure the pain of this process.
Product Review

The most beautiful smartwatch? Skagen wins again with the Falster 2

Smartwatches are taking an interesting, and much needed turn, with the Skagen Falster 2 leading the charge. No longer are they only pieces of technology, or just designed for people who love big watches.

Use your messaging app to control your smart home with Line Things

Controlling your smart home usually means a multitude of apps and different notifications. Messaging app Line wants to bring all this under its control, making life easier and more familiar, with Line Things.
Smart Home

Inspired by Star Trek, Amazon wants us to talk to everything, everywhere

Amazon keynoter Daniel Rausch told IFA 2018 attendees how Alexa voice-control has grown an enthusiastic customer base, partnering with manufacturers and developers. The conversion to voice control platforms has only begun.
Product Review

Don’t be afraid of the size, Diesel’s bold On Full Guard 2.5 belongs on your wrist

Diesel is back with the On Full Guard 2.5, its second WearOS smartwatch, that’s once again big, bold, and eye-catching. It grabs your attention like few other smartwatches, and despite being large, Diesel watches are made to appeal to…
Product Review

Casio’s Pro Trek Smart is the outdoors smartwatch even watch fans will adore

The latest Casio Pro Trek smartwatch may be smaller than the last one, but it’s more mighty, with a stronger feature list, a highly wearable design, and now two battery-saving modes to keep it up and running while you’re out hiking…

Best wireless chargers of IFA 2018

Almost every new smartphone coming out now supports Qi wireless charging, so it’s handy to have at least one or two charging pads. Here are all of our top picks for the best wireless chargers we found in Berlin.
Home Theater

Up close with LG’s 88-inch 8K OLED TV. Here’s why it matters | Video

LG has unveiled the first 88-inch 8K OLED TV and is showing it publicly at IFA 2018. Here's why we're excited to see an 8K OLED, even though naysayers suggest its a technology before its time.

Best smartphones of IFA 2018

While it’s not exactly awash with fleets of flagships, IFA has seen a fair few smartphones launched this year. Here are all of our top picks for the best smartphones we saw in Berlin.

Best of IFA 2018 Award Winners

Maybe you’ve heard of IFA, the biggest technology show in Europe. Maybe you haven’t. It really doesn’t matter, because all anyone really wants to see are the hottest new gadgets, and IFA 2018 delivered them in spades. From…

Huawei still in on smartwatches, working to make them better

Huawei CEO Richard Yu says that despite the company not releasing a smartwatch for more than a year, it's still very interested in wearables, and is working to solve the worst aspects about them.