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Jackery’s Solar Generator 1000 Plus and 300 Plus: next-gen versatile energy

Jackery 300 Plus Solar Generator used out in the wilderness lifestyle image.

This content was produced in partnership with Jackery.

As a pioneer and major contributor to innovation in the solar generator market, Jackery is gearing up to launch its newest flagship systems, the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Plus and the Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus, which will both make appearances at IFA 2023 in Berlin. These are the “most versatile solar generators ever created,” and align perfectly with Jackery’s mission to bring green energy to all.

First up is the Solar Generator 1000 Plus, which is positioned in a new category beyond its initial class, thanks to strong working performance. It comes with a large capacity of 1,264 watt-hours and has a high power output of 2,000 watts. It’s a powerful and sustainable next-generation generator with ultra-fast charging.

Next up is the Solar Generator 300 Plus, which is one of the lightest and most portable options in the Jackery Plus series. It’s an ideal entry-level outdoor power supply, especially for those dipping their toes into the portable power market. It’s mainly for light outdoor sports enthusiasts to have a backup that helps solve their off-grid and remote power anxieties. It’s a solar generator that fits inside your backpack.

Jackery is presenting both solar generators at IFA 2023 in the Berlin Expo Center, Messedamm 22, 14055 Berlin, Germany — you can find them at Booth No. 307, Hall 3.2. But if you’re not attending, don’t fret, we’re going to explore Jackery’s latest and innovative solar generators in more detail.

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Solar Generator 1000 Plus: Safe, expandable, and next-generation power

Jacker 1000 Plus Solar Generator used while camping lifestyle image.

Capable of powering nearly all appliances up to 2,000 watts, the Solar Generator 1000 Plus comes with a 1,264 watt-hours capacity that’s fully expandable up to 5 kilowatt-hours max with 3 battery packs. After being set up, it can power both indoor and outdoor home equipment, and not just during emergencies — although that is an excellent use of the system. Advanced IBC technology allows for ultra-fast solar charging, as it can charge to full in just two hours with the right solar panels. Inside is an LFP battery cell rated at 4,000 charge cycles, and thanks to innovative ChargeShield technology it has over 62 methods of protection.

The Solar Generator 1000 Plus is an accessible and affordable choice that combines powerful performance with relatively low prices. That opens the door for a lot more people and makes it possible to outfit your home with a backup power solution, when you normally wouldn’t be able to, especially in this economy of rapidly rising costs.

Solar Generator 300 Plus: Lightweight, portable, sustainable, and safe

Jackery Solar Generator (300 Plus) used in back of truck lifestyle image.

Unlike the SG 1000 Plus, the Solar Generator 300 Plus is built for portability and speed. It’s power on the go and pairs nicely with the book-sized solar panel that’s just as easy to stow and carry as the generator. You can charge multiple devices quickly and simultaneously, and it takes just 30 seconds to set up the entire system for use. Intelligent app controls allow you to fine-tune settings and get information readouts, like how much charging time is left, or what kind of efficiencies are active.

It’s a perfect option if you want the power and versatility of something like the Solar Generator 1000 Plus but don’t have the extra space, or don’t live a lifestyle where you need something that large. If you’re on the road, living off-grid, or just need a backup for camping then there’s no sense in opting for the larger unit. Instead, you can go with something like this, the Solar Generator 300 Plus, which nestles neatly inside a backpack and is quick and easy to use.

When do you need Jackery’s solutions? Exploring scenarios

Jackery has earned a lot of awards, including the industry’s first Prestigious SEAL sustainable award, the first carbon footprint verification by TÜV SÜD, the first 0 carbon factory rating, and the first 100% green + 100% recyclable package. What does all of that mean? It’s better for the environment as a whole, especially with the solar charging support — you can break free from traditional fossil fuels.

The beauty of the Solar Generator 1000 Plus and the Solar Generator 300 Plus is that they offer the best of both worlds. With one, you get a powerful next-generation solar generator solution for your home, that’s fully expandable and modular, and you can upgrade at virtually any time. Meanwhile, the Solar Generator 300 Plus is portable, lightweight, and fits inside a backpack for outdoor use, travel, and beyond. Whether you want something powerful and more static, or something more lightweight, both of the options are serviced here and that’s phenomenal.

Most importantly these are priced reasonably so they’re more accessible and more affordable for all. That’s especially important if you don’t own a home and you’re living on the go or off-grid, as you may not have access to a steady income. Even if you’re traveling, camping, or living in a van or RV, you still need to be able to charge your modern electronics, there’s just no way around it these days. Jackery’s newest solutions make that possible, easier than ever before, and more sustainable than anything else out there. For more information, please visit

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