Libratone’s new wireless speaker Zipps up as summer zips off

libratone zippYesterday, Libratone announced the Libratone Zipp, a product the company calls a “no-compromise and hassle-free wireless speaker.” A follow-up to its “Live” and “Lounge” models, the compact and portable Zipp is unique in that it’s the first device to feature its own Wi-Fi network for AirPlay connectivity (though we happen to know plenty more are on the way). Libratone’s new PlayDirect tech lets the listener enjoy wireless music outside the proximity of their home network and essentially serves as a Wi-Fi hotspot, creating a connection between devices.

The speaker’s patented FullRoom technology, says Libratone, provides 360-degree sound via specially designed drivers, making any area surrounding the Zipp a sweet spot. It’s cylindrical design also adds to the effect by eliminating the traditional front and back, thereby dispersing sound evenly. The battery-powered speaker blares back, forth, and side to side for eight wired hours and four wireless hours on a full charge.

The name Zipp references the spectrum of cozy wool covers that zip up and enshroud the speaker. Salty Grey or Raspberry Red Zipp’s will be available exclusively at Apple Stores and Apple Online in October 2012 and will retail for $400. Three-pack-color boxes will also be available and will sell for $450.