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Martin Logan’s new Motion XT speaker line promises to sound as gorgeous as they look

Martin Logan has a knack for building beautiful speakers, inside and out. The latest evidence of the company’s fine sonic craftsmanship comes in the form of three new additions to its Motion Series, the Motion XT speakers. Promising a performance that is louder, lower, and bearing unflinching accuracy, these new gems hit all three tiers in the home theater collection, including a new floor standing speaker in the 60XT, the new 35XT bookshelf speakers, and the the new 50XT center channel. Let’s take a quick peak at each below:

Motion 60XT floor standing ($3,000 per pair)

Martin Logan’s new 60XT speakers are the flagship model of the lauded Motion line. The company used XT to represent “extreme.” Not always what you’re looking for when it comes to refined home theater performance, but then again, if you’re going to blow serious dollars on your loudspeakers, they better blow some doors off. The 60XT feature angle-top cabinets with high-gloss veneers in Piano Black, White & Black, and Cherry Wood, reinforced with solid internal bracing to eliminate internal resonance and standing waves.

Beneath the perforated grills are dual aluminum 8-inch subwoofers with down-firing bass ports, a midrange woofer, and the company’s “most accurate” Folded Motion XT tweeter in yellow gold above, which delivers a radiating service claimed to be 40 percent larger than previous iterations. That should translate into a huge image with vivid clarity in the highs. Naturally, all of the new Motion XT speakers also include five-way bi-wire binding posts.

Motion 35XT Bookshelf speakers ($1,200 per pair)

To compliment the new 60XT are shelf speakers specifically voice-matched to generate synergistic audio bliss with the entire Motion Series. Like the floor standing set, the 35XT are sculpted from gorgeous high-gloss cabinets, with rounded edges and a tapered topside.

A “low-turbulence” rear-firing bass port helps control port noise for silky smooth low frequencies put out by a 6.5-inch woofer, and the top end is handled by the Folded Motion XT tweeter, which is larger than the previous Motion 15 tweeters. The 35XT are available in Piano Black, and Black Cherrywood finishes.

Motion 50XT center channel ($900 per speaker)

Finally, to handle all the dialog and the mountain of movie effects the center channel in a home theater is responsible for, Martin Logan offers the powerful new Motion 50XT. No surprise this speaker is also voice-matched for the series, and offers powerful twin 6.5-inch black aluminum woofers, and a centralized Folded Motion XT tweeter. Like the 35XT above, the 50XT is available in Piano Black, and Black Cherrywood.

Certainly,  these speakers cost a pretty penny –  $5,100 for five channels if you’ve been avoiding the math – but with solid, minimalist design, and a more expansive punch of treble from the extended Folded Motion XT tweeters, we’re guessing they’ll match up with just about anything in their class when it comes to powerful, accurate sound. If you’re convinced, you can find and audition the new Motion XT speakers at authorized dealers now, with shipping slated for the end of July.

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