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Master and Dynamic’s MW50+ are a flexible take on already-great headphones

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Master and Dynamic launched its MW50 wireless headphones in 2016, and when we got our hands on them, we were impressed both by how they sounded and how they looked, with a classy combination of metal and leather. Now the company has announced a follow-up, but instead of slightly updating the look and calling it a day, Master and Dynamic has taken a major step forward in terms of flexibility.

If you’ve ever been shopping for headphones, you’ve probably spent time wondering whether or not to opt for on-ear headphones for the smaller profile, or over-ear for the bigger sound and better sound isolation. With the MW50+, Master and Dynamic packs in both over-ear and on-ear pads, meaning you don’t have to make a choice when you’re buying them, just when you’re putting them on. The headphones even include a case for the ear pads you’re not using.

“We build sound tools for creative minds, and we understand just how wide-ranging that spectrum can be,” Master and Dynamic founder and CEO Jonathan Levine said in a statement. “From day one we’ve been obsessed with designing perfect headphones for the creative community. We understand how these professionals live, work, play, and relax, and wanted to develop a product that could move with them throughout their day. Now, for the first time, the decision is not about on-ear versus over-ear, but simply which color.”

The MW50+ headphones feature 40mm drivers constructed using beryllium, which Master and Dynamic says has superior acoustic qualities. The headphones use a patented milled aluminum antenna that the company says provides up to 100 feet of wireless range. The headphones pack up to 16 hours of battery life, which Master and Dynamic points out is the length of a flight from New York City to Hong Kong, and the onboard USB-C port supports quick charging.

The Master and Dynamic MW50+ are available in silver metal/brown leather, silver metal/black leather, and black metal/black leather color varieties. The headphones will sell for $400 and are available for pre-order now via the Master and Dynamic website. To make sure you’re getting what you need, take a look at our headphone buying guide to make sure the headphones are right for you.

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