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The Min7 is a seriously powerful wireless speaker handmade from wood

min7 handmade wooden speaker kickstarter minfort 1
Wireless speakers are plentiful these days, but the vast majority of them focus on not only being portable, but on being fairly inexpensive. In a lot of cases that might fit the bill, but if you’re looking to use a speaker as your home stereo, you might want something a bit more on the premium side.

The Min7, a new speaker from a startup by the name of Minfort, aims to provide that premium sort of experience. Not only is the speaker handmade and built from wood, but it packs serious power alongside a ton of connectivity options, both wired and wireless.

The speaker provides 2.1-channel sound thanks to dual 4-inch paper-cone woofers and 1-inch silk-dome tweeters with a 5.25-inch subwoofer on the bottom, offering up a frequency range of 45Hz to 20kHz. The drivers are powered by a 150-watt amplifier, which should make for impressive volume in a speaker this size.

As is increasingly the case in audio products, backers are presented with a few different wood options for the Min7. The speaker is available in Teak, Walnut, and Oak varieties, with each offering its own look along with various structural differences. We haven’t had a chance to hear the Min7, so it’s difficult to say how each will affect the sound of the speaker.

In addition to Bluetooth, the Min7 also offers Wi-Fi connectivity including DLNA and AirPlay, and a few wired options as well, including USB. Optical and coaxial digital inputs are available in addition to the standard wired audio input, and a number of steaming services are supported right out of the gate including Spotify and Tidal.

The Min7 is expected to retail for $800, but Kickstarter backers will get the speaker in their choice of wood for $550. Initial early bird pricing made speakers available for as low as $460, but those have sold out, though early bird pricing for $500 is still available. If you’d rather have one of each wood variety, all three can be had in a bundle for $1,350.

The Min7 has already rocketed past its modest funding goal of $15,000, reaching more than five times that amount at the time of this writing — and there’s still plenty of time to go. The campaign will draw to a close in just under two months on Saturday, May 14, with rewards expected to begin shipping in July. If you’re interested, that leaves plenty of time to head over and check out the Kickstarter for yourself.

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