Nocs reveals new edition of NS2 speakers with Bluetooth and Spotify connect

nocs rounds out ns2 speakers with bluetooth and spotify connect 1

We were thoroughly impressed with the NS2 Air Monitors that Nocs dropped in our laps last year – sparkling treble, deep and controlled bass, cute compactness, and a rich soundstage made the sleek 80-watt pair of speakers a force to be reckoned with. The relatively under-the-radar company’s first run for the NS2 sold out with ease, and now the Swedish company is set to fire back with the “v2” edition of the speakers this fall.

Just about the only thing that left us wanting with the Air Monitors was the limited wireless streaming support. Yes, Nocs did do an admirable job of patiently waiting out the back-and-forth with Apple to ensure the inclusion of Airplay support. And though the company eventually released a firmware upgrade for Airplay Direct (the update simply eliminates the need for a personal Wi-Fi network for streaming), we still would’ve liked to see Bluetooth connectivity. But Nocs announced today that its next run of the speakers – set to drop in early August this year – has been revamped to include Bluetooth compatibility and Spotify Connect support, adding much-needed versatility to the device’s streaming department.

Users will be able to stream music via Bluetooth from iOS and Android devices, laptops, and PCs, and Spotify Premium subscribers will be able to use their smartphone or tablet to throw a favorite playlist or Spotify radio station directly to the NS2 – and taking calls or using other apps won’t interrupt the playback. 

Also new is an app Nocs has designed specifically for the Air Monitors that will help users set up and manage their speakers. The app will walk the user through all the steps to connect to Wi-Fi and begin streaming, and helps manage, rename, and update the speakers’ firmware.

Nocs’ press release explains that v2 will remain at the $400 price-point of its older sibling. The new Air Monitors will be available in all colors worldwide, including a new, special edition “Faded Green,”  on August 11.