Onkyo D-TK10

What would speakers sound like if they had the acoustic quality found in high-end guitar construction? Those with $2,000 in their pockets will be able to find out via the new Onkyo D-TK10 speakers.  These 200-watt speakers, which are limited to just fifty pairs a month due to the reportedly labor-intensive assembly process, were designed jointly with guitar manufacturer Takamine. Insteadof the old standard “inert-box acoustics of conventional speaker cabinetry”, as described by Onkyo, the D-TK10 speakers have a “freely vibrating thin-wall enclosure” which harnesses sounds normally absorbed within through “strategic placement of struts, stringers and thickness variations”.

Onkyo D-TK10 Speakers
Image Courtesy of Onkyo The end result of this rather unique speaker design is what Onkyo says is deliverance of “a much fuller and richer sonic character”. The D-TK10, ofwhich development was first worked on in 2003, has a bass-reflex cabinet which is constructed with mahogany as part of a three-layer laminate and offers an internal bracing system to help with propercabinet vibration. The speaker’s four-inch cone woofer sports a lightweight and rigid Onkyo created monocoque diaphragm, which the manufacturer says helps “prevent driver breakup even athigh excursions”.   Joining the four-inch cone woofer is a one-inch ring-drive tweeter capable of getting flat frequency response upwards of 100 kHz. The speakers’ construction alsoincludes gold-plated binding posts and magnetic shielding. Technical specifications of the D-TK10 include 4 ohms nominal impedance, a crossover frequency of 3.5 kHz and a sensitivity of 80 db/W/m.  More details on the Onkyo D-TK10 speakers can be found at Onkyo’s Web site.