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Onkyo’s new DP-X1 portable player sports high style, high-res, and MQA support

onkyo dp x1 released featuring mqa support hi res digital audio
Onkyo first showed its DP-X1 high-resolution digital audio player at CES earlier this year. From the specs alone, it looked like a quality piece of gear, but it had one special trick up its sleeve: MQA support.

MQA is a new way of delivering lossless audio that will play just fine as CD-quality audio on any device, as it is delivered in standard lossless formats like WAV or FLAC. Take those files to an MQA-enabled device like the DP-X1, however, and they truly blossom in high-resolution, offering audio quality that Meridian Audio – the company behind the tech – says is just as good as the original masters.

We got a chance to hear MQA for ourselves at Mobile World Congress this year, walking away impressed, and we aren’t the only ones who have touted MQA as an awesome new way to play. Now everyone has the chance to try it out for themselves, assuming they’re not put off by the $900 price tag.

The Android-powered DP-X1 supports a number of high-resolution audio formats including DSD 11.2MHz and FLAC or WAV up to 24bit/384kHz, but there is another advantage to MQA. It offers high quality sound, but with file sizes as much as three times smaller, which means you’ll be able to fit even more music in your pocket.

Fortunately, no matter what format you prefer, the DP-X1 player can store over 400GB using the dual MicroSD slots. The player also features a pair of Sabre chips inside – the ES9018K2M DAC and 9601K amp – to provide a clean, powerful signal to your headphones.

“We are very excited to launch MQA on the Onkyo DP-X1,” MQA creator Bob Stuart said in a statement. “The MQA sound on the portable player is truly breathtaking. With more MQA music in the market very soon, Onkyo customers will be amongst the first to truly experience the wonders of MQA. It’s an exciting time for MQA partners and music lovers everywhere.”

The DP-X1 isn’t entirely alone, however. Pioneer, whose home audio division is owned by Onkyo, also announced a high-res player for CES in the XDP-100R. Both that player and the DP-X1 will receive an update enabling MQA starting tomorrow.

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