Paradigm’s new Monitor Sub line hits low frequencies, price point

paradigms new monitor sub line hits low frequencies price point group  emailParadigm’s Monitor Series of loudspeakers have met with hearty approval from the audio community because they pretty much nail the value proposition from every angle.  Somehow Paradigm manages to merge attractive cabinets, quality parts, excellent engineering and accessible pricing into one sweet sounding series of speakers. There’s been something missing, though: a matching subwoofer

No longer, Paradigm fans. Today, the company revealed it has created three subwoofers to compliment its Monitor series speakers. The Monitor SUB 8, Monitor SUB 10 and Monitor SUB 12 all share the smoother look of the latest Monitor speaker series and, according to Paradim, share their performance and value characteristics as well. 

There are several features that have trickled down to the the Monitor subwoofer line from Paradigm’s Signature and Studio series subs. The most obvious of these is the tell-tale corrugated Santoprene surround, which looks a lot like the spiral-coiled phone cords of yore, but on a subwoofer. The subs are all outfitted with what Paradigm calls an “Ultra-Class D” amplifier rated to produce 300 watts RMS/900 watts peak. Paradigm says this allows the SUB 8, 10 and 12 to reach subaqueous levels of 19Hz, 17Hz and 16HZ respectively. The amps are also compatible with Paradigm’s optional wireless transmitter and super-handy “Perfect Bass Kit” equalization system

With so much trickle-down technology, you might be wondering how Paradigm managed to keep the price down. We think it comes down to the no-frills cabinet aesthetic. While we’re sure the cabinets are well-built and braced, the simple, rectangular shape and finish is simply…well…more simple than Paradigm’s more opulent sub cabinets. Pricing for the SUB 8, SUB 10 and SUB 12 is reported to be $699, $849 and $999 respectively.