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Recursor.TV aims to be the ultimate streaming video platform for sci-fi fans

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As viewers turn increasingly to streaming their favorite content instead of watching via traditional broadcast TV, we’re beginning to see a shift from one-size-fits-all to increasingly targeted niche platforms. Companies like Netflix and Amazon are still the major players, but more and more, we’re seeing platforms dedicated to a certain genre like NBCUniversal’s SeeSo for comedy. Now, thanks to the newly launched Recursor.TV, sci-fi fans are also getting a genre channel of their own.

“Shows like Westworld and Black Mirror have demonstrated a large, passionate audience for grounded, serious science fiction, yet there has been no online or TV platform dedicated to this type of content until now,” Recursor CEO E.J. Kavounas told Digital Trends. “Anime fans have Crunchyroll. Horror has And now sci-fi fans have Recursor.TV for the best the genre has to offer, including our new original series Nina_Unlocked, premiering next week. Recursor has aggregated the most cutting-edge science fiction content and built a community of filmmakers passionate about the genre.”


What you won’t find on Recursor.TV are reruns of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century or old public domain sci-fi movies. The company says its programming will primarily be “modern science fiction,” with a focus on relatively realistic scenarios. Some of the subgenres the site will feature include military science fiction, cyberpunk noir, post-apocalyptic worlds, and alien encounters.

The content on the site will include high-quality online shorts and indie science fiction films, as well as the company’s first original series, Nina_Unlocked, which the company describes as a “quirky, character-driven interview series,” starring Lana McKissack as Nina. A handful of episodes are available now, with more coming later this fall.

Recursor content is available at the Recursor.TV website beginning Monday. To celebrate the launch, the company will be holding a crowdsourced contest allowing participants to submit ideas for the company’s next original film. More details on the contest will be announced in the coming weeks.

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