Runco WindowWalls Open Portals to Pure Fiction

runco windowwalls open portals to pure fiction space

Not everyone can afford a 40th-floor condo in Manhattan that looks out on the Empire State Building. Or an underwater hotel in the Caribbean. Or a room in space. But you can have the view from all from three with Runco’s new WindowWalls.

As the name implies, WindowWalls act like virtual windows onto pretty much anything. Unlike a small – and unconvincing – television, Runco can tile together multiple LCD modules to produce displays that cover an entire wall. When they’re not replicating cityscapes or mountainsides, they can also serve as home cinemas or oversized televisions.

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Runco uses a proprietary rackmount system to tack together displays with only about a quarter inch gap between them, and depth of 4.5 inches. A single module provides power and video signal to up to four displays, and Runco claims its unique design allows lighter, more easily handled LCD panels that produce no noise from cooling fans.

Runco only performs custom installations – so you can bet the cost to install a WindowWall might make you reconsider the affordability of that Manhattan condo. The company’s dealer locater can help you arrange a local demo.

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