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At 292 inches, Samsung’s The Wall Luxury TV turns any surface into an 8K cinema

We’ve always dreamed that one day, display technology would reach a point where we could turn an entire wall in our home into a screen, enabling not only cinema-caliber movie experiences but also highly realistic video calls. It looks like Samsung has made that dream a reality, at least for those with the money to dream really, really big: The Wall Luxury is the latest version of Samsung’s expandable MicroLED-based TV tech, and it can scale from a modest (yet still huge) 73 inches in 2K definition all the way up to 292 inches (about 24 feet) in 8K definition.

We got our first look at Samsung’s MicroLED marvel at CES 2019, where the company showed off the precursor to The Wall Luxury, a model simply known as The Wall. At 219 inches, it was already incredibly impressive, boasting dizzying color and brightness. The Wall Luxury is presumably what you get when you push the expandable architecture of MicroLED panels even further.

As if 8K at 292 inches weren’t enough to set your techno-salivary glands watering, The Wall Luxury packs even more superlatives, like a screen depth of less than 30mm, a slim, bezel-less front, and customizable décor frames (we guess for when your wall is larger than the display itself). If you like, you can leave the massive TV turned on all the time. When not being used to watch video content, its Ambient Mode can display a variety of curated art from paintings, photographs, video art, and customizable pictures with digital frames. Add to this HDR that can pump out 2,000 nits of maximum brightness at 120Hz, and you have a display that even Tony Stark might envy.

To power this new display Samsung is using a new processor — an A.I. picture-quality engine it calls Quantum Processor Flex — which is designed to handle the dual tasks of optimizing source video regardless of resolution and quality and scaling it to the various sizes that the Wall Luxury is capable of.

It’s not clear whether those who buy The Wall Luxury at one of its smaller sizes will then be able to add additional MicroLED panels at a later date to create a bigger display — as wall sizes and budgets might one day allow. Also unknown is what various sizes will cost. What we do know is that Samsung will be bringing it to market in July, globally, so all of these answers and more will be forthcoming very soon. While The Wall Luxury might not have the mind-bending proportions of Sony’s enormous MicroLED display, you won’t have to walk into a prestigious research center to appreciate it.

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