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Sceptre’s new X322XV TV is more colorful than an 80’s music video

sceptre adds color to any room with 32 inch led hdtv 2 done
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California-based HDTV maker Sceptre revealed today its newest addition to the Color Series lifestyle line of LED HDTVs, the 32-inch X322XV-HDR. The TV comes in a burst of color options, including standard black, pink, purple, and pearl white, which could make it a hit in playrooms, childrens’ bedrooms, kitchens, and any other space that needs a splash of color.

The X322 LED LCD display offers only 720p resolution, which doesn’t quite match up to the 1080p standard HDTVs we see these days at lower price points. However, when it comes to comparing 720p and 1080p on a 32-inch screen, the difference in resolution is negligible – especially to the average observer. And the real selling point here is the X322XV’s choice of vibrant exteriors.

For connection, Sceptre’s freshly dropped X322XV has three HDMI inputs, one cable/antenna IEC-connector, composite and component connection, a VGA input for connection to a PC, and a USB 2.0 port. Audio outputs include both digital and analog audio outputs, and a headphone out.At 12.3 pounds, the TV is extremely lightweight, allowing  you to easily mount it in all sorts of spots like, say, the bathroom? We’ll let you decide.

Our biggest issue with the new display? The price. At $600 MSRP, this TV is way off scale in comparison to offerings from more regal competitors, which can be found for around $300. Sceptre claims it will sell for $500 on Amazon, but we’ve yet to see that materialize, and even at that price it’s no bargain.  

If the X322XV is too rich for your blood, Sceptre’s Color Series also boasts a 24-inch model for $400 on the company’s website, though that’s still damned pricey for a TV that size. Compare Sceptre’s LED HDTVs for yourself and determine which one – if any – is right for you.

While there’s no doubt that the cost of the new X322XV is plenty steep, if you’ve got some extra cash burning a hole in your pocket – and a room that needs some spicing up – a choice from Sceptre’s Color Series may just be the display you’ve been looking for.  

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