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Should you buy a TV in 4th of July Sales or wait for Prime Day deals?

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History, at least for your household, is about to be made. You’re setting out to buy a TV and check out all of the best TVs. The prices are pretty high still, so you pivot to checking out the best TV deals. Smart. Then, you realize it is early July and all of your problems begin. Should you buy a TV now, taking advantage of 4th of July deals, or do you wait for Prime Day deals? The dissatisfying answer is ‘Yes, no, maybe so.’

The fact of the matter is, there are reasonable cases for getting a TV during 4th of July sales and waiting for Prime Day. Here, we let each event plead its own case.

Buy now — The case for 4th of July TV deals

Before we even get into the plethora of deals available, we should state the obvious message that is incredibly easy to miss if you spend too much time crunching the numbers — buying now for the 4th of July means more time with the TV in the summer. Yes, the summer is a traditionally outdoor season. But, the nights are longer with the kids not having school and the family memories are to last a lifetime.

Okay, but what about the deals? Walmart 4th of July deals and Best Buy 4th of July deals are in full swing right now. And then, Walmart is bringing on what is rumored to be its biggest sales event ever on July 8 through 11, heading up Prime Day.

While we do expect to see more deals pop up over the course of Prime Day, if there is a particular type of TV you want (say one of the best OLED TVs) and you see a good deal on it, go for it. Remember, if a deal is too good, that can drop the stock of the TV, meaning the deal might not return for Prime Day.

Shop Walmart 4th of July TV Deals

Shop Best Buy 4th of July TV Deals

Yes, but — The case for Prime Day TV deals

Good things come to those who wait. Or, at least wait until Prime Day. When we look at Prime Day TV deals, we consider it one of the last great “holidays” before Black Friday to snag a good deal on a TV. And, if you wait until Prime Day deals begin, you’re going to get a greater selection of TVs than you would otherwise. There’s also the chance that the TV you’re looking at now gets a bigger, better sale later simply because it didn’t sell well enough at the initial offering price. Retailers and manufacturers need to push units out the door.

Plus, there are other events coming that will up the competition. No big retailer is going to let Prime Day go down without competition. As a result, Best Buy is going to be right back with their own version of Prime Day (called the “Black Friday in July Event”) and other retailers will be having similar events, which you can be sure we’ll be covering. In other words, the retailers that are currently having 4th of July deals are coming back once more for their “Prime Day” equivalent and then shutting up their doors and battening down their sales hatches until this fall.

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