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Singtrix transforms the tone-deaf into karaoke rock stars

singtrix promises eliminate embarrassing karaoke performances stingtrix party bundle

Part of karaoke’s appeal isn’t just the opportunity to show off one’s mad skills on the mic — almost everyone can get a kick out of both observing and performing an awful rendition of a Counting Crows song. But that doesn’t mean those of us born with less-than-stellar vocal capabilities wouldn’t occasionally enjoy rocking out without breaking glass and bursting eardrums: enter Singtrix.

The creators of Guitar Hero bring us a new kind of karaoke machine — one “that makes bad singers sound great and great singers sound amazing” — complete with “natural onboard pitch-correction,” hundreds of professional vocal effects, and compatibility with any music and any device.

You start by picking a song from the system’s diverse collection that covers many different genres and generations of music, selecting a skill level, and choosing from a bank of more than 300 audio effects (if desired). Then you belt it out and drop all your friends’ jaws when they see that you really do have talent, despite all those mortifying, forced solos in elementary school music classes. Why, you may ask? Because among Singtrix’s many talents is a pitch correction mode.

The Singtrix microphone also has a “Hit” button which, when selected, instantly morphs your voice into powerful four-part harmony. And the system isn’t just limited to karaoke tracks and apps, either. You can use any device with a headphone output to sing along to songs from your personal library,  home studio compositions, or streaming music videos from YouTube, thanks to the system’s “Song Voice” mode. The feature drops the level of the preexisting vocal tracks within the chosen song (regardless of the source or medium) so that your voice is always front and center.

Available for $300, the Singtrix Party Bundle includes a plug-and-play effects console, 40-watt 2.1 stereo speaker with subwoofer, custom microphone with stand and boom-arm, device holder for smartphones and MP3 players, and a handful of other gadgets and accessories.

For those who just can’t get enough karaoke, Singtrix will likely make for a fun-filled night for singers of all skill levels – but without the long line.

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