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If you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber, you now get Hulu for free

Spotify Premium subscribers now have yet another pretty sweet perk to being a paid member on the Swedish audio streaming service: A free Hulu subscription to the company’s ad-supported tier.

To activate the free subscription, just go to Spotify’s website, which allows you to sign up. If you’ve already got an ad-supported Hulu account (which runs $6 per month), you can cancel your plan through Hulu and sign up through Spotify to get the full discount.

Those who already pay for their Hulu subscription via Spotify (which has offered bundled deals in the past) won’t have to change anything about their account information to see instant savings.

There are a few downsides for those who may be considering getting rid of their stand-alone Hulu subscription now that Spotify has added this awesome new perk. Namely, you can’t add premium channels like HBO or Showtime to your Hulu account. The deal also excludes anyone that is on a Spotify family plan, which is a shame for those of us who find savings in numbers. Still, with Spotify Family plans running $15 for five people who share an address, finding an extra few dollars per month probably won’t be as big of an issue.

The new Spotify/Hulu arrangement doesn’t come as a huge surprise for those who have followed the two companies’ orbits. Spotify already offers a $5 per month student plan that includes Hulu’s limited commercial plan.

It’s probably smart for Hulu and Spotify to be teaming up even more right about now. The two companies face ever-increasing competition from companies like Amazon, Google, Netflix, and Apple, with the latter prepping to launch its own video streaming service to pair with Apple Music later this month. It would be something of a shock if Apple didn’t launch its video streaming service without some kind of Apple Music bundle available to subscribers, given that it runs both services.

The new Hulu/Spotify deal is available until June 10, which gives those deciding between Apple Music and Spotify plenty of time to weigh your options after the upcoming Apple press event in late March. For now, though, subscribers to Spotify Premium will probably be stoked on the extra perk.

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