TiVo Stream delivers recorded TV to your mobile device

tivo stream delivers recorded tv to your mobile device and p4 dvrTiVo’s P4 DVR is armed with enough storage space for 75 hours of HD programming. Since it packs four tuners on board, it can record as many as four shows at one time. With that kind of flexibility, hours upon hours of recorded programs are bound to start backing up after a while. TiVo’s solution: Take it to go. 

Introduced at CEDIA 2012, the TiVo stream is a compact add-on box that will take programs recorded on your TiVo, convert them into a mobile-friendly format and either stream them to your mobile device or upload them for later viewing on the go. Managing shows takes place through TiVo’s free app for either iOS or Android devices. tivo stream delivers recorded tv to your mobile device

This isn’t a new idea. The DirecTV Nomad attempts to deliver the same sort of service, but as reviewer Michael Brown found out, it does less than an impressive job. Let’s hope TiVo did a better job. We’ll have a review sample soon, and will share our experience once we’ve had a chance to take the TiVo Stream for a test drive.