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The Trntbl is a wireless streaming turntable for the Spotify generation

Thanks to the recent resurgence in vinyl sales, companies are once again looking at how to move turntables forward instead of simply playing aging record collections. We’ve already seen wireless turntables from companies like Audio-Technica, but even these are relatively traditional in terms of how they function.

The Trntbl, from vinyl subscription company Vnyl, looks to take things much further than any wireless turntable we’ve seen to date. The company even describes it as “a new way to listen to music on vinyl,” and while that’s a bold claim, looking at the features, Vnyl doesn’t seem to be lying.

To start, the Trntbl appears as a Music Service to Sonos devices, allowing listeners to stream uncompressed audio throughout their homes. The turntable can also stream via AirPlay or to Bluetooth devices like speakers and headphones. As a matter of fact, these wireless connections are the only way the Trntbl connects — there are no analog or wired digital outputs on the unit at all.

Where the Trntbl really starts to differentiate itself from other wireless turntables is its built-in social features. Vnyl says that the Trntbl can actually identify music while its playing — straight from the record — and share what you’re listening to with your friends or followers. The turntable will also let your friends tune in to what you’re listening to via Spotify, something the company says is a first for consumers.

“We believe Trntbl can take center stage in your home. The player is beautifully designed to making listening to vinyl more accessible for this new and growing audience of premium music listeners,” Vnyl founder Nick Alt said in a statement. “We look forward to connecting a new generation of vinyl lovers by way of the built-in sharing and community features of Trntbl.”

This is an ambitious project, especially for a company without a background in hardware. Vnyl was founded just over a year ago as vinyl subscription service, offering users three new albums per month curated to their tastes. Still, while we haven’t had a chance to try the Trntbl in person, it certainly boasts a striking look, no matter which color variation you’re looking at.

The Trntbl is available in Black+Gold and Creme+Gold color variations, and will eventually retail for $420, though it can currently be pre-ordered for $351 via the Trntbl website. Units are expected to begin shipping this summer.

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