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Take a 180-inch screen with you anywhere you go with the CC Aurora

Aurora portable projector packs a punch, though kinks still being worked out

You don’t need a big screen to get the big-screen experience. Really, all you need is a big wall (or ceiling). As long as you’ve the XGIMI CC Aurora Projector in your arsenal of home theater tools, your evening can turn into a screening for the latest blockbuster. Heralded as the easiest way to take an 180-inch screen with you wherever you go, this projector is a tiny box that packs quite a punch.

XGIMI is no stranger to projectors. Indeed, the company previously released two similar devices on Indiegogo that raised an impressive sum of money — the H1 Immersive Home Theatre garnered over $1 million in funding from 1,660 backers in 2016, while the Z4 Aurora raised $320,000. But neither of those products are the CC Aurora, the latest device to come out of XGIMI’s portfolio.

The company claims that this projector is capable of an HD 720p resolution. We should point out that XGIMI says that the projector is capable of 4K video support, but given that it maxes out at 720p, this is definitionally untrue. However, the projector is otherwise supposed to be capable of horizontal and vertical keystone correction to make setup a little easier, and a JBL audio system with silent heat dissipation promises better on-board sound than one would typically expect from a tiny portable projector.

Perhaps the best thing about the projector that Digital Trends tested was its out-of-the-box functionality. Simply place the projector on a surface, and the machine will get to work optimizing its image before allowing you to open up one of the preloaded apps. Be warned though, there aren’t that many to choose from, and it looks like XGIMI is still working out some kinks with its own app store (so that you can download from Netflix and similar content providers). Luckily, there’s a workaround that works quite well. Thanks to its Happycast functionality, you can easily mirror the display of your computer onto the projector, creating a huge second screen that’s perfect for playing movies, watching shows, or just about anything else. You can also play content directly from your mobile phone to the Aurora.

Aurora runs on an Android-based operating system, and the projector’s light is provided by Osram, and as previously mentioned, features autofocus so you don’t have to constantly fiddle with the display to ensure a crisp image. You can also connect to the Aurora via Airplay or USB. Alternatively, if you only want the Aurora for its sound, you can use it exclusively as a JBL Bluetooth speaker.

The memory of this little device (it measures about 5 x 5 x 5 inches) promises to be quite significant, too. You can apparently store up to 4,000 songs and 10 movies in the Aurora, and thanks to a handy leather strap, you can carry this library with you just about anywhere.

Pricing and availability have yet to be made public, but you can sign up to be notified on XGIMI’s website and receive a 25-percent early bird discount.

Update: We tested the Aurora, and while there are a few kinks that are being straightened out, it proved to be a pretty decent projector for its size and price. 

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