Missing Coachella? Watch the festival live on YouTube

youtube streaming coachella live

Get ready for Coachella, and we’re even talking to those of you that won’t be able to make it there this year. YouTube, like last year, will be livestreaming the entire Coachella music festival.

YouTube has been making a live programming play with well publicized livestreams of music festivals, professional gaming events, and even Felix Baumgartner’s historic RedBull stratosphere jump. Music festivals are a natural extension of YouTube’s livestreaming efforts, which explains why the company has been involved in partnering with just about every major music festival, including Ultra Music Festival, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and others.

Admittedly watching these concerts compared to the ambiance of living it are dramatically distinct, but you’ll have to settle for the next best option. YouTube will be streaming each concert on three different channels since some set times coincide. That’s good news, and even gives those of us watching it from our desktops a certain advantage – we can easily switch between shows with a click of a button. Attendees on the ground will have to make their minds up about which shows they hit and which they miss. (Something tell us, though, they’re willing to make the sacrifice.)

Since there are a couple days left before the first set, you can check out Coachella’s YouTube channel and watch the pre-show interviews, or flip through the full schedule for April 12, 13, and the 14. And to remind yourself to watch your favorite musicians, you can set notifications for yourself with the iCalendar button that you’ll find inside of the schedule.

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