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‘Alexa, turn up the bass’ is now a real command thanks to a new EQ feature

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You’re getting a bit more control over Alexa thanks to its newest feature, which introduces the ability to adjust EQ settings with only your voice. The equalizer feature lets you say things like, “Alexa, increase the treble,” and soon, “Alexa, pump up the bass” (though you may have to say “increase” or “turn up” rather than “pump up”). The addition of an equalizer option will allow Alexa users to adjust the way their music, podcasts, or other audio content sounds, and ought to lead to an all-around more pleasant listening experience.

The equalizer feature lets users individually adjust the bass, midrange, and treble, up or down, by 6dB. While voice commands are probably the easiest way to go about it, you’ll also have the option of making adjustments via the Alexa app, or using on-screen commands on either the Echo Show or the Echo Spot. In addition to turning things up or down, you can also tell Alexa to set to maximum or minimum, or reset the equalizer altogether.

Once you’ve adjusted EQ, those new settings will be applied to any and all media being played. That means that if you have Alexa increase the bass on your EDM playlist, you’ll also have that same effect when listening to NPR the next morning. Take that as you will.

In addition, the new EQ optionality is being offered up to developers, and can also be used in conjunction with Alexa-enabled devices like Sonos speakers, where it will likely be particularly handy. While Amazon Echo devices certainly have the Apple HomePod beat in terms of functionality, critics and fans alike of Apple’s smart speaker have noted that the speaker component of the HomePod is second to none. Amazon may be trying to change that with the EQ feature.

Your option to EQ audio content will gradually be rolled out to all Echo devices (that is to say, the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Plus, the Echo Show, and Echo Spot) in the next few days, but unfortunately, only those in the United States will immediately be able to leverage voice commands. The same functionality in other English-speaking nations will be introduced sometime later.

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