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Price plummets on the Dyson V7 Animal Pro+ cordless vacuum on Prime Day

Dyson has homes with petsin mind with the V7 Animal Pro+ cordless vacuum. This versatile stick vacuum comes with a collection of extra cleaning tools for the whole house because if you have pets, especially a dog or three, you need more than the usual tools that come with vacuums, even Dyson’s.

More on pet cleanup below, but Dyson’s V7 can give you up to 30 minutes of powerful suction per battery charge. That time only includes when you’re’ actually running the vacuum, not just moving it from room to room. Note that using the motorized cleaning tools will shorten the battery run time between charges. We track Dyson vacuums of all types, and the deal on this multifunction cleaner can help you save up to $120 on Prime Day.

The Dyson design lets you switch vacuum configurations quickly, depending on what you want to clean. So one minute you’re pushing a the direct-drive power cleaning head on carpeting but then you spot a spider web in the ceiling corner. Click a couple of buttons, and you have a powerful handheld vac with a long blue tube to remove the web.

Crumbs under the kids’ car seats and ground into the upholstery? Use the V7 Animal in handheld mode with the mini-motorized cleaning tool to do the job.

And about dogs. Even if you have non-shedding dogs, they still have hair. Hair falls off dogs’ bodies, just as with human heads. We have a black, non-shedding Doodle. Her dark wisps of hair are on the floor, typically near the baseboard but also in corners and under furniture. If you have forced-air heating and cooling, as we do, the circulating air has patterns you may never feel, but you can tell they’re there because the dog hair tends to accumulate in the same areas. That’s why Dyson’s V7 Animal Pro+ adds on extra tools.

In addition to the standard direct-drive cleaner head, the Pro+ has the mini-motorized tool, a Flexi Crevice tool for reaching way back, a stubborn dirt brush, plus a combination cleaning tool and a standard crevice tool.

When you finish cleaning, or you need to recharge the battery, take the Dyson V7 back to the docking module to store it while it charges. On the way stop at a trash bin and use the single action, gravity-powered hygienic dirt ejector to empty the dustbin without getting all dusty.

Normally priced at $400, the pet-centric Dyson V7 Animal Pro+ cordless stick vac is just $280 during the Prime Day 2019 sale. If you want a versatile cordless stick vac that includes the extra tools you’ll need to clean up all the fur, hair, and wispies even non-shedding dogs spread around, this is the one.

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