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Amazon drops prices for Echo Sub and Echo Plus speaker bundles

Echo smart home speakers punch above their weight when paired with the Amazon Echo Sub for low-frequency sound. Amazon dropped the prices on the Echo Sub bundled with an Echo or Echo Plus smart speaker, making room-filling music more affordable. The Echo Sub only works when paired with a single, compatible Echo Dot, Echo, or Echo Plus or two of the same Echo smart speakers for left and right stereo.

By itself, Amazon’s Echo Dot smart speaker has barely passable audio quality for low volume background listening. The latest-generation Echo and Echo Plus smart speakers bump up the audio but lack the range and power to move a room. Pair one of two of the larger format Echos with an Echo Sub, however, and the party gets started. Whether you’re just beginning to configure a smart home or want to ramp up your existing setup with better sound, these two deals can help you save up to $50.

Echo Sub Bundle with Echo (2nd Gen) — $40 off

The Echo Sub bundled with a second-generation Echo adds the Sub’s 100 watts of down-firing bass sound through a 6-inch woofer to the Echo’s Dolby-processed music. In this configuration, the Echo handles the vocals and high-frequency audio and leaves the low-end sound to the purpose-built Echo Sub. You can add a second Echo for stereo sound at a later date when the Echo is on sale as a standalone deal.

Normally priced at $230, the Echo Sub Bundle with Echo is just $190 during this sale. If you want music you can dance or sing with, this is a great opportunity to pair the full-size Echo with the Sub’s bass power.

Echo Sub Bundle with Echo Plus (2nd Gen) — $50 off

The Echo Sub Bundle with a second-generation Echo Plus takes you to the height of streaming music playback quality with a two-piece Amazon-brand system. The Echo Plus has Dolby Play 360-degree audio, and you can use voice commands to adjust the Echo Plus’ equalizer settings to fit the room or match your personal preferences. As with the Echo bundle above, you can always add a second Echo Plus for stereo sound or to spread the music to a second room.

Usually $280, the Echo Sub Bundle with Echo Plus is $230 for this sale. If you’re not willing to settle but want the best audio setup possible with Echo components, this is a chance to buy in at an attractive price.

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