AOL and Warner Launch In2TV

America Online and Warner Brothers have officially launched In2TV, billed as the first broadband television network. Available to U.S. Internet users, In2TV requires Windows XP with Windows Media Player 10, and Macromedia Flash Player 8, and features thousands of “classic” television episodes from the Warner Bros. program archives. Episodes can be seen using either Windows Media Player or AOL’s own Hi-Q video format, which promises DVD-quality images.

AOL and Warner Bros. announced In2TV last November, and, unlike conventional online video services, the Hi-Q portion of In2TV operates using a peer-to-peer Relay Network developed by Kontiki and controlled by AOL. According to AOL, the Relay Network does not present any security or privacy risks to users (time will tell!), and is used to delivery high-quality video to individual users faster by putting some of the bandwidth delivery burden on users’ broadband Internet connections, rather putting all of it on AOL’s network.

In2TV works like an on-demand television station, delivering full-length television episodes to users home computers via broadband for free, although advertisers will be paying for in-stream advertising as well as banner ads and other accompanying promotions. Four advertisers are on board at launch