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The Atmos will whip up a cup of cold drip espresso and look good doing it

atmos coffee machine 1
Your morning coffee routine doesn’t need to be mundane. And here to help ensure that it isn’t is a new drip coffee contraption that, if nothing else, is one seriously attractive appliance. Meet the Atmos, heralded as a “new way to enjoy cold drip espresso” in the comfort of your own home. Ideal for coffee and design connoisseurs alike, the Atmos resembles a more elegant version of the water tornado bottles you made as a child — but rather than soda bottles held together with tape, the coffeemaker features sleek glassware and a stainless steel filter.

The three step attach-and-flip design of the Atmos promises easy setup and complete automation when it comes to your coffee. By using atmospheric pressure (which also gives rise to the name), the Atmos helps create up to five shots of cold drip coffee overnight. Rather than using drip taps and glass pipes that are complex and difficult to clean, the Atmos instead has just three major components — a filter body that is filled with ground coffee, a tamp that creates an atmospheric valve for water to flow uniformly over the grounds, and of course, a bottle to catch the drip.

Thirty seconds is all you need to set up the Atmos. Simply load with grounds, fill with water, and flip the entire hourglass-shaped contraption to begin the brewing process. Once brewed, the coffee will last in your refrigerator for up to five days (though it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to last that long).

According to the Atmos team, the secret to the consistency of this particular coffeemaker’s brew lies in its “super-high-tolerance manufacturing.” Metal injection molding, a technique generally employed in the construction of luxury sunglass hinges and watch mechanisms, is used in the production of the Atmos, along with solid 316 grade stainless steel. This, Atmos claims, is why there are only a few pieces involved in the entire machine, so even if you’re still running on pre-coffee brain, you’ll be able to figure out how to get your caffeine.

The Atmos is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo for $130. Delivery is anticipated for February 2018.

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