Avoid ever going to the store with Manpacks subscription service

avoid ever going to the store with manpacks subscription service 120811 2

We took notice of a similar subscription service, called Hoseanna, for women a few months ago, but it seems that men can now get in on having essentials shipped to their doorsteps every few months. Manpacks offers men an easy way to purchase no-nonsense items like boxers, shaving gel, razors, condoms, basic tees, and socks without every having to go to a store or order from several different websites.

Users can create their own personalized Manpack by adding a combination of said items together in whatever quantity they desire. The order will be shipped, and three months later (time determined by how often Manpacks thinks you probably want a couple more pairs of boxers and tee shirts) you’ll receive an email reminding you that another order will ship in one week, and inviting you to make any changes you might find necessary. You can “snooze'” your order if you’re doing just fine on your basics, or you can click “ship now” at any time to put a rush on your order if you’re running low. If you’d rather play it totally low-maintenance, you can create your perfect Manpack and with no other effort your order will ship to you every three months like clockwork. 

The site is also curated down to the basics to make the shopping experience easier and to ensure that you only receive quality products. The selection includes items from Calvin Klein, Hanes, Pact Organic, Nivea, Raw Materials, Sir Richard’s, and Crest. If you’re accidentally shipped an item that you don’t want or maybe just have enough of, Manpacks will accept any return as long as the item is unwashed and unworn. It might be a little much for those who think a trip to Target for underwear and socks is a fun activity, but we can see the service being a lifesaver for guys who hate shopping or just want to put things on autopilot.