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Breathing better can be a breeze with the latest air quality monitor from Awair

You can’t see the air you breathe, but a good air quality monitor can provide you with the vision you never thought you’d have. And if that air quality monitor is from Awair, you’re likely in particularly good hands. The Awair 2nd Edition promises to be a new and sophisticated solution for folks hoping to better understand and improve the air they breathe, tracking otherwise invisible fine dust levels and other key air quality factors with a level of precision that will keep you and your loved ones healthy.

By providing customers with real-time insights on air quality, the latest monitor from Awair claims to help users with sensitives reduce their allergy or asthma symptoms, and in some cases, even help keep their skin clearer. It all comes down to the monitor’s ability to keep tabs on the five key air factors that most commonly affect our health — fine dust, chemicals (or Volatile Organic Compounds), carbon dioxide, humidity, and temperature. Via the Awair’s companion app, it’s able to provide users with acute readings of fine dust levels, which is generally difficult to detect, but easy to inhale. These minute particles are often the culprit behind health issues like asthma and respiratory inflammation, and in extreme cases, even heart disease and certain cancers.

“When thinking about how we can be more helpful and add more value for our current and future Awair consumers across the world, it was clear to us that Fine Dust is the factor that we needed to address more closely with our products,” said Awair founder Ronald Ro. “We were especially alarmed with the sharp increase in harmful fine dust levels we saw right here in San Francisco during the instances of several California wildfires last year — and those were happening hundreds of miles away! Our goal has always been to empower our customers with the knowledge they need to keep their homes and families safe and Awair 2nd Edition will help them do just that.”

The 2nd Edition air quality monitor displays air quality levels directly on its  LED screen, and can be customized to optimize air quality based on individual needs. Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest, and IFTTT, the Awair should also integrate with your smart home, making air quality improvements as easy as a voice command.

All additional data from the device is analyzed and presented within the companion app, which sends notifications should air quality levels dip below a threshold. The app also claims personalized recommendations from experts on how to better your air quality.

Awair 2nd Edition is now available on the company website for $199.

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