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Best Buy drops the price of the Google Home Hub and throws in a free Mini

Best Buy added to its deal for the Google Home Hub, which now comes with a free Google Home Mini. There’s more to the story, which we’ll explain below, but the bottom line is that you can save $99 with Best Buy’s bundle.

Google Home products and Nest smart home devices are now under the Google Nest brand. In a letter to Google Home customers, the Nest team wrote: “We believe all our connected home devices and services should work in a way that makes experiences more helpful, simple, and secure. Today, Nest and Google Home are joining together under one brand to make that happen and to give you even more help at home. Introducing Google Nest.”

The new Nest Home Hub is functionally the same as the Google Home Hub, except for the name change and a lower $129 list price. The Google Home Mini keeps its name and $49 list price.

The Best Buy deal includes a Google Home Hub ($149) smart display and a Google Home Mini. The original list prices for the two devices total $198. Best Buy cuts that price in half by selling both for $99.

The Google Home Hub is a combination smart display and smart speaker. You can ask questions or make requests (“Hey, Google”), and the smart speaker will answer while the smart display shows graphics or video content related to the answer. You can also stream music and movies, display personal digital images, and control compatible smart home devices with the Home Hub. There is no camera, which means you never have to wonder if it’s on. If you make or take a video call with the Google Home Hub, you’ll see other people but they won’t see you.

The Google Home Mini is a smart speaker that can perform all the functions of the Google Home Hub except those that need a display. Multiple Google Nest products will work together; for example, as you move around the house, the closest device will answer your questions.

Whether you are starting a smart home or adding devices to an existing Google Home configuration, this Best Buy deal is an attractive opportunity to acquire both a Google Home Hub and a Google Home Mini for $99 instead of $198.

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