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The best Google Home Mini accessories

From battery packs to Mickey Mouse ears, here are the best Google Home Mini accessories

The Google Home Mini did what for Google what the Echo Dot did for Amazon: it put an affordable, compact smart assistant into the hands of thousands of consumers. People that might not have considered the purchase suddenly found themselves with a device that lets them check the weather, control their smart home, and ask dumb questions.

Did you know that, much like accessories for your outfit, you can accessorize your Google Home Mini? Some of these add-ons change the look of the device, while others add new functionality it didn’t have before. Whether you want something to add a bit of style to your smart assistant or you need a longer cord, it’s out there — and we’ve rounded up some of the Google Home Mini accessories to help you decide.

KIWI Rechargeable Battery Base

If you’ve ever wanted to use your Google Home without being tethered to a power adapter, the KIWI Rechargable Battery base is the solution. With up to 16 hours of life on a single charge, the KIWI lets you carry your Google Home into the backyard or garage with ease. As long as you’re within Wi-Fi range, you can listen to music or audiobooks with ease.

There are three colors to pick from: dark grey, orange, and light stone grey. A sturdy wrist strap makes it easy to loop the Google Home Mini around your arm, and the case itself provides protection from dirt and grime that might otherwise interfere with the operation of the device.

Mount Genie Google Home Mini Pedestal

The basic design of the Google Home already nails the sleek, stylish aesthetic of many smart home devices, but you can only see so much of that when it lies on its side. The Mount Genie Google Home Mini Pedestal lets you sit the device upright and display it for all the world to see (although it does make it look a little bit like a microphone in our eyes.) The pedestal also claims to improve functionality by directing the sound forward rather than up. The upright design also makes it easier to see the lights on top of the Mini.

The difference in audio quality won’t blow you away, but it will be enough to let you hear the notes of your favorite song just a bit more clearly.

AmorTek Outlet Mount

If a pedestal isn’t quite your style but you still want to display the form and function of your Google Home Mini, then AmorTek might have just the thing for you. This outlet mount fits into the bottom socket of a wall outlet (not advised for use in a power strip) and has built-in cord organization that means there are no unsightly cable management problems to contend with.

For just $9, the AmorTek Outlet Mount makes for a great gift. Like the pedestal mount, it makes it easy to see the lights atop the Mini and helps direct the sound forward, rather than toward the ceiling. The only potential downside is that most homes have power outlets low to the ground, so this might be better placed in a bathroom or kitchen.

Dot Genie Wall/Ceiling Mount

Mount Genie specializes in producing accessories for smart speakers, but one of their most notable products is this wall/ceiling mount for the Mini. This device lets you install a Google Home Mini into the wall or ceiling of your home, almost like a recessed light. There are multiple color options for the mount’s faceplate to help it blend with the color of your wall.

The downside to this mount is the work required. You’ll have to physically cut a hole into the wall or ceiling to make space for this mount, so it isn’t an option for people living in rental spaces (unless you have a very forgiving landlord.) Once the hole is drilled, though, installation is easy through the use of drywall tabs.

OtterBox Den Series Mickey Mouse Stand

OtterBox is better known for top-of-the-line phone cases, but they also have a line of Disney-themed products, including this adorable Mickey Mouse stand. While it may not lend the same protective qualities people have come to associate with OtterBox, the Mickey Mouse stand is a fun way to display your Mini without inhibiting its performance.

The stand lifts the Mini a few inches off the surface and angles it in a way that you can easily see all the lights on top of the device. There’s even a small hole in the bottom of the stand to run the Google Home Mini’s power cable through for easy, built-in cable management.

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