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The best Google Nest Mini accessories

The Google Nest Mini is a compact smart speaker that packs a punch. From playing music to helping you plan your day, the Google Nest Mini is the perfect device if you enjoy the convenience of voice control.

You can get more out of your Google Nest Mini speaker by pairing it with accessories. Some accessories can improve sound quality, add functionalities like casting movies and shows to your TV, or make your home more secure.

August Smart Lock 3rd gen

August smart locks continue to improve with each generation, and this model impresses with access control that includes digital guest keys that expire based on time limits you set. There are also door sensors to make sure the door is really shut and locked, auto-unlock options, and more. Plus, the installation process is simple, which is really nice for DIY homeowners. If you’ve never tried giving commands to Google Assistant to make sure the door is locked or unlocked — especially when you’re already busy — it’s extremely convenient.

However, there is a catch to this smart door lock. To use it with the Nest Mini and Google Assistant, you will need to purchase an additional Connect Hub. It’s an annoying step but required if you want to control the lock with anything other than Bluetooth. Fortunately, you have the option to buy them both as one package.

Sportlink Pedestal

The Nest Mini has better sound than the Home Mini, making it more suitable for listening to your favorite tunes. This model also comes with a built-in wall mount, so you can hang it on a wall and get it closer to your ears. If a wall mount doesn’t work for you, we suggest this Sportlink pedestal.

The pedestal gets the Nest Mini elevated and facing you for the best sound results possible, and offers a better view of the LED indicators. If you use your Nest Mini on a desk and enjoy playing music, give this accessory a serious look.

Chromecast 3rd gen

Naturally, a lot of Google devices work with the Nest Mini via Google Assistant, and we’re going to discuss a few of them on this list. One of our favorites is the Chromecast, simply because of the convenience this connection offers.

Google’s little streaming device, designed to literally hang from your TV, connects to all your favorite apps and makes streaming across screens in your house a breeze. You can also control it with voice commands using your Nest Mini, which is really nice when you’re busy doing something else, like dishing up dinner or cleaning the house.

Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat is indeed quite smart. It pays attention to when people are walking by and when there’s activity in the room, and it starts to set its own schedule for heating and cooling based on when the house seems most active.

You can also specify temperature ranges and create your own schedule. However, if you’ve ever used a thermostat, you know there are always times when you want to adjust the thermostat on the fly, like really cold mornings or hot afternoons when you get home early. The Nest Mini can do it with a simple voice command.

Nest Secure alarm system

A smart lock is nice, but what if you want a much more complete security system? Nest has a solution called the Nest Secure. This is a kit that includes a hub with a keypad and two detection sensors, two open/close magnets, two “tags” to allow access, and mounting equipment. You can also add more devices if you need them. This system is especially compatible with the Nest Mini because it’s easy to say, “Set Nest Secure to Home and Guarding” or “Set Nest Secure to Away and Guarding,” along with other various commands to quickly set up or disable the system.

TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug

Smart plugs help turn all kinds of lights and appliances into smart devices. Of course, the key is finding a smart plug that works with Google Assistant and Home platforms.

Fortunately, the reliable TP-Link has its Kasa brand of smart plugs that effortlessly partner with Google Assistant. In addition to controlling your plug-in devices with your voice, the plug can also measure how much energy those devices are using and allow you to schedule specific on or off times.

Philips Hue lights 4-pack

Many smart bulbs work with the Nest Mini, but we like the Hue line by Philips. They are dependable and include all of the features you could want, such as the ability to dim the lights, switch to a nightlight mode, and set lighting schedules. Hue bulbs are also easily controlled by Google Assistant. The white bulbs are nice because they can replace all kinds of traditional lighting, but there are also colored bulbs for mood lighting.

Another Nest Mini

Google Nest Mini

Two Nest Minis are one of the best combos for these little smart speakers because they can pair with each other. Put two Minis in the same room and link them together for a whole new stereo music experience. It’s a great option for those who listen to music frequently on their speakers and want to improve the sound quality. However, be careful: You can pair two Nest Minis together, but this trick doesn’t work with a Google Home Mini and a Nest Mini. Make sure they are both the same model.

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