Brinno TLC100 makes capturing time-lapse video a snap

brinno tlc100 makes capturing time lapse video a snap 11 600x319

If you’ve ever seen the Discovery Channel series Planet Earth, you’ve probably sat awestruck in front of your television set wondering just how they captured all of those plants growing from a bed of snow in mere seconds. The key to this awesome trick of videography is called time-lapse. The Planet Earth version may be a bit more complicated, but for the rest of us time-lapse means capturing images of a specific place or thing at intervals (say 10 minutes) over longer periods of time (say 5 days) to create a video that depicts the thing or environment changing much more quickly than it does in real time. For most of us, creating a time-lapse video is pretty far out of reach without a load of technical equipment and a whole lot of spare time. The Brinno TLC100 Time Lapse Camera ($149) aims to make this videography skill a little easier for us mortals, capturing HD video in a wireless and waterproof design. 

The Brinno TLC100 is a one-touch waterproof and wireless camera that captures 1280 x 1024 HD photos at set intervals for a set period of time. The camera has a built-in flash drive that stores all the photos and converts them into a minutes-long video for your time-lapse viewing pleasure. The device operates on 4 AA that can capture up to 28,000 frames in its battery life. Depending on how far apart you set the photo intervals, the Brinno TLC100 can capture photos of an area (say your front or back yard) over several months. The device comes with a 2GB flash drive and a one-year warranty.