Cam Crate offers simple rugged (and waterproof) protection for DSLR cameras

cam crate offers simple rugged and waterproof protection for dslr cameras case gear patrol

Some of the best moments to photograph seem to happen when you’ve left your camera at home, oftentimes for fear of it getting damaged, splashed, or just not being able to survive a dangerous-for-a-fragile-camera situation or environment. We’ve seen a few waterproof camera bags, but they are usually large backpack style bags meant to carry a whole load of bodies and lenses for the adventuring pro. For those of us who like to brave the outdoors with just a single camera body and lens, the new Cam Crate project on Kickstarter seems like a perfect smaller solution.

The Cam Crate camera bag ($50 for backers, $80 eventual retail) is a slim life-proof case for your camera that will protect it from everything from dust and dirt to water and spills. The case is designed to be virtually indestructible and is lined with a thick layer of egg-crate foam to keep your camera nice and comfortable. The case closes with a secure waterproof latch and comes with a long strap for easy carrying. One size should fit most cameras, but designer Matthew Geyster says that a larger version will be available for the biggest DSLRs or cameras with battery grips attached. The case will also come with a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty, and that’s definitely something we can get behind.