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Juno cooler will chill a bottle of wine or beer in under 5 minutes

You’ve probably held a warm beer or soda in your hand and wished that it would instantly cool so you could enjoy it. Well, it looks like someone over at Matrix, the makers of highly advanced coolers, had the same problem because they have just announced its latest product, Juno, which can cool any drink, from wine to soda to champagne in minutes.

How does it work? The device incorporates a cutting edge thermoelectric cooling (TEC) engine with a proprietary mixing mechanism in a liquid bath. There’s no chemicals or environmentally harmful refrigerants involved, so you get a cold drink worry-free.

The Juno cooler was selected by our editors as the best product in the Home Appliance category at CES 2020. Check out more of our Top Tech of CES Award winners.
Best of CES 2020 Home Appliance
CES 2020

“In the past, the Matrix team was focused on capturing waste heat to harvest usable energy in devices like PowerWatch, but with Juno, we’ve leveraged our thermoelectric engineering expertise and proprietary technology to create a TEC engine that removes heat in the fastest way possible,” Matrix co-founder and CTO Douglas Tham said in a statement.

Just how fast can you get to drinking your favorite beverage? The Matrix Juno can chill a 12-ounce can of beer from room temperature (72 degrees Fahrenheit /22 degrees Celsius) to its optimal temperature (39 degrees F/4 degrees C) in two minutes. It can cool a 750ml bottle of wine from room temperature to 49 degrees F/9 degrees C in five minutes, according to Juno. The cooler can be used with a wide range of cans and bottles, too. It works with bottles or cans up to 3.5 inches in diameter and 12.5 inches in height, so even a bottle of champagne will fit.

Wine Bottle in Juno Matrix cooler

“Like our TEG modules, it wasn’t enough to build the TEC,” Matrix co-founder and CEO Akram Bouka said. “We wanted to create a practical use case for it that anyone could benefit from. Juno is the ultimate consumer demonstration of how our cooling technology can radically alter the way we manipulate temperatures. But the applications are endless and we’re so excited for the future partnerships and use cases of Matrix thermoelectric cooling technology.”

Juno is available for pre-order and is expected to ship in the summer of 2020. If you want a sneak peek, you can see it in action at CES Unveiled and Pepcom Digital Experience during CES 2020.

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