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Want a kitchen appliance that’s more sous chef than sink? Meet Chef Center

You’re arguably just a home cook until your kitchen is outfitted with newest culinary products — only then can you aspire to be a home chef. Luxury kitchen appliance maker Franke showed off a series of its most impressive products at the 2017 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) last week, demonstrating its commitment to ingenuity, ease of use, and environmental awareness. But perhaps none were quite as impressive as the Chef Center, a sink that secretly wants to be your sous chef.

Featuring two versatile anti-microbial compartments that can either compost your waste or serve as a wine bucket, storage bin, or something else entirely, the Chef Center gives you a hand in the kitchen. Whether you’re looking to dispose of something or hold onto it for later use, the Center should have you covered.

Moreover, the command station comes with a whole host of custom accessories — your cutting board, colander, mobile drainer board, strainer basket, and more are all kept within this super sink.

“Our ingenious new Chef Center brings open-concept and multifunctional living to one of the most elemental aspects of the kitchen, reinventing how home owners use and think about their sinks,” said Gary Langbo, President of Franke Kitchen Systems. “We are thrilled that to introduce … a versatile sink system that not only enhances entertaining and minimizes stress, but offers a level of technological innovation that has distinguished Franke and its products for generations.”

While initially debuted last year, the Chef Center has finally become available nationwide, and is available exclusively at Franke retailers.

“The kitchen sink tends to be one of the most overlooked and underappreciated components of the kitchen, and yet it is absolutely essential,” said Fausto Samaniego, Senior Product Manager for Franke Kitchen Systems. “The Chef Center embodies Franke’s belief in the power of a beautifully-designed sink system to transform the sink into the heart of the kitchen, and the kitchen into the heart of the home.”

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