Chef Sleeve Smart Food Scale will make portion control less mathematical

Chef Sleeve smart food scale

America, we need to have a talk. I love the food this fine nation has to offer, but the portions are ridiculous! Compared to anywhere else in the world, the medium’s technically a large, a bowl of pasta feeds three, and the overabundance of microwaveable, sodium-laced foods are constantly tempting my health and laziness. It’s time we fix this problem one home-cooked meal at a time, and we can do so with the new Chef Sleeve Smart Food Scale. No more reading the labels for what one serving calculates to – the scale provides all the nutritional information in a snap.

Chef sleeve scale appWith the dedicated app, the Chef Sleeve Smart Food Scale uses the weight of the food item you want to measure and cranks out the data you need to track what you’re eating. “Let’s say you’re making pasta salad. Place a bowl on the scale, tare (zero), select your first ingredient (in the app) add it to the bowl. Do the same with the following ingredient, the app will recognize that you are doing this and tare the weight to account for the new ingredient,” the Smart Food Scale Kickstarter explains. “Continue until you have finished your masterpiece, at which point you can see the nutritional information for the entire dish.”

The Scale can also add different users so your household can individually track their meals, and add new ingredients for anything not listed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It also syncs with your mobile device via Bluetooth 4.0, so you can travel with the portable item if you wish. Chef Sleeve says it will be powered by the tiny Arduino motherboard, and the Kickstarter funding is needed to help upgrade the UI and keep final costs low.

The product is expected to retail for $80 (with a special Kickstarter backer special of $70), and is aiming for a November shipping date. Not soon enough to help you to a summer body, but hopefully in time to curb your Thanksgiving helpings.