Conquer messy cords with CableBin

conquer messy cords cablebin

Each new gadget or device you get comes with a new charger or cord, eventually cluttering up your desk with a white and black nest of wires.

If you’re interested in sorting or at least hiding the mess, check out the CableBin. It’s a wood-grained, wastepaper basket looking contraption that you can plug all your devices into. A power strip connects along the inside of the bin, and a gap along the back of the bin allows cords to slip in and the power strip to connect to the wall.

You can access and manage all your plugs through a lid on the top. There are even openings for chargers to sneak through the lid to charge a small device or plug in a dock.

The CableBin from BlueLounge sells for $90 and at the moment only comes in two different shades of wood grain with a  white accent color, which can be hit or miss as far as matching whatever you got going on in your home. But if you cringe every time you glance down at your outlet, it might be worth looking into.