Cosmo, Seventeen, CosmoGIRL For Mobiles

Seattle’s Volantis Systems today launched editions of Cosmopolitan,Seventeen, and CosmoGIRL! for mobile phones. The magazines are all properties of Hearst Corporation, and (in case someone wasn’t aware) and primarily target the interests of women from the ages of 12 to 34. Downloadable content initially includes ringtones, wallpapers, daily horoscopes, and variety of editorial content. The publications will be available in the U.S. via both Cingular Wireless and Sprint-Nextel networks.

“We are thrilled to provide women with the opportunity to have even easier, always-on access to their favorite information sources for fashion, fun and other lifestyle trends,” said Glen Ellen Brown, Hearst’s VP of Brand Development. “This partnership enables us to lead the publishing industry by utilizing Volantis’ technology as a platform to establish new media markets and overcome the complexity and daunting diversity of device platforms to fully extend our branded content into the wireless world.”

Which is just a fancy way of saying Did you see those heels! So must!

Cosmopolitan has been around forever (1866!), and remains the largest-selling young women’s magazine and magazine franchise in the world. Seventeen launched in 1944 and currently reaches 14.45 million readers per month in the U.S., while the newcomer CosmoGIRL! got started in 1999 as a consumer publication targeting young women—it reaches over 1.25 million readers.