Cree’s BR30 flood light is the latest LED to go below $10

cree drops the price of its br30 light bulb to under 10 lifestyle kitchen

One reason people shy away from greener tech is that it’s not always budget-friendly. Take light bulbs. While the long-term cost savings may be big, the initial cost can be a challenge for consumers used to incandescent bulbs that cost under a buck each. Over the years, the costs have come down and more players have entered the light bulb space.

Cree Light Bulb Flood BR30One such company is Cree, which just redesigned its LED BR30 flood light. This bulb, used in outdoor or recessed lighting, was originally priced at about $15 and will now be sold for $10. This will make it a more affordable option compared to many other LED BR30 bulbs. “Cree’s recent advancements in LED technology allowed us to cut the price by going from eight LEDs to two, all in a package that offers a better lighting experience,” said the company’s chief marketing officer, Betty Noonan, in a press release.

Cree’s BR30 bulb is dimmable, is the same size and shape as its predecessor, and has the same glass dome. A common complaint about LED bulbs is that they don’t emit the same “warm, soft glow” as incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. Cree guarantees that its new BR30 will provide the same hue customers expect.

The LED BR30 bulb uses 86 percent less energy than standard bulbs and lasts 25 times longer than traditional incandescent lights. The bulb comes in a “soft-white” version and is also available in a daylight edition, if you want to use it in an outdoor or residential workspace. Cree offers a five-year warranty with the bulb.

The release of this new, cheaper bulb comes on the heels of a similar price drop from Philips. The company recently announced it would sell a 10-year version of its A19-style bulb for just $5 apiece. Looks like consumers are running out of excuses not to go greener.